Expert Tips on How to Hire a Trusted Residential Custom Wine Cellar Manufacturer in Las Vegas

Work with Expert Builders in Las Vegas for Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar Project

Work with Expert Designers in Las Vegas for Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar Project

Never work with a company that has not proven its reliability in designing and constructing refrigerated residential wine cellars. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer, like Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, will ensure that your wine investment will not go to waste. Our team wants you to enjoy wine collecting without having to worry about your wines getting spoiled.     

How to Safeguard Your Precious Wines According to Experts in Las Vegas 

You must invest in a proper wine storage facility that will preserve your wine’s desirable characteristics. It is the main reason why you must take time to research carefully about professional designers who have a good reputation in the design and construction of residential custom wine cellarsThe following tips will help provide the protection needed by your wines.  

Choose the Best Residential Custom Wine Cellar Fabricator in Your Area 

With many manufacturers offering the same products and services, it is easy to fall into a trap. Do not just hire wine cellar fabricators because of their cheap offers. Of course, it is essential to ask them the following questions that will help you determinif that company can be trusted or not:      

What are your processes in designing and preparing a custom wine cellar in Las Vegas?  

  1. What kind of materials do you use for the insulation and vapor barrier? 
  2. How do you determine the ideal type of wine refrigeration system for your client’s needs?  
  3. What are the different types and brands of wine cellar cooling unit do you use for building safe residential custom wine cellars.     
  4. What is the process for the repair of our wine cooling system?  
  5. Do you offer a maintenance plan for climate-control systems?
  6. Are your wine racks made from high-quality materials 
  7. What are the different kinds of doors do you install?     

These are some of the critical questions that you need to ask before hiring a wine cellar manufacturer for your residential custom wine cellar project. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we are composed of top-notch designers and knowledgeable fabricators. We also partner with reliable wine rack manufacturers and HVAC experts to help homeowners build their dream wine cellar properly and so that they can have a worry-free wine collecting.  

Work with a Designer Who Will Make a Careful Assessment of Your Needs and Creating a Custom Wine Cellar Design       

Correct Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction by Experts in Las Vegas

Correct Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction Will Protect Your Wine Collection for Many Years

When you decide to work with Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, expect our team to schedule an on-site visit. We will sit down with you and discuss your specific requirements. In this stage, we will assess the location, size, and shape of the room to be utilized for conversion. 

We will also gather information about the overall look that you desire for your residential custom wine cellar, wine rack material, door style, flooring, lighting effect that you want to use, availability of an exhaust room, and your budget. 

We will recommend the best components for your project and the pros and cons of your choices. However, the final decision will still be yours as long as it will not cause any legal problems.      

After taking note of every detail from our on-site visit, we will then start creating the CAD design, which is included in our package. The design consists of various elevations of the completed wine room, racking styles, wine rack dimensions, and bottle capacities 

We will send the design to you and wait for your approval. You can modify the design according to your needs. Once approved, we will proceed with the installation process. 

Make Sure That Your Chosen Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designer Knows and Understands the Importance of Room Insulation and Vapor Barrier   

The correct room insulation has a significant impact on the conditions in your residential custom wine cellar. Poor or a lack of insulation will cause moisture build-up and trigger mold growth.

If you want to save your wines from damage and preserve the structural integrity of your wine cellar, you must choose a wine cellar fabricator who has extensive experience in sealing a climate-controlled wine room. Proper insulation will prevent the cold air from escaping your residential custom wine cellar and the warm air from getting in through wall and ceiling cavities. 

As one of the most reliable wine cellar designers, Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has been using its expertise in wine room insulation. The insulation value or R-value should be determined considering the size and location of the space and the amount of glass to be used in the wine cellar.  

We recommend the closed-cell foam polyurethane types of insulation because it can act as a vapor barrier. With other types of insulation, you will have to spend for a separate vapor barrier. The vapor barrier will separate your wine cellar from the outside environment. Without it, there will be extreme changes in temperatures and humidity levels.   

Another benefit that you can get from using the closed-cell foam polyurethane insulation is efficiency. It fills even the smallest cracks or cavities in your walls and ceiling.        

Offers High-Grade Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems from Reliable Manufacturers  

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is very cautious when choosing a wine cooling unit for every project. We perform a heat load calculation to determine the type, size, and brand of refrigeration system that fits your needs. Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems, and CellarPro are some of our trusted providers of wine cooling solutions for residential custom wine cellars.  

Designs Stylish and Functional Wine Racks    

Stellar Custom Wine Racks Installed by Las Vegas Master Builders

Stellar Custom Wine Racks Installed by Las Vegas Master Designers

Our team consists of design experts who create attractive and functional wine storage systems. Our wine racks are available in wood, metal, and a combination of these two popular materials. We use only exterior grade wood species and superior quality metal.  

Offers Elegant Doors and Installs Them Correctly  

At Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we want our clients to have a grand entrance to their wine room. We offer elegant wine cellar doors. We also make sure that they are installed with sealing components to help the wine cooling unit in achieving the optimum wine storage conditions.  

Convert Your Space Into a Safe Residential Custom Wine Cellar with the Help of an Expert in Las Vegas 

Do you have a space that you want to transform into a safe and beautiful residential custom wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has been helping homeowners bring their dream wine cellar to reality.   

If you need help or have any questions about designing and installing wine rooms, please call us at 
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