Modern Commercial Wine Cellars Designed for an Upscale Las Vegas Steakhouse

Modern Commercial WIne Cellars for Las Vegas Steakhouse

Upscale Steakhouse in Las Vegas Built for a Modern Commercial Wine Cellars

The highly skilled and experienced Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas team has masterfully crafted numerous outstanding modern commercial wine cellars and their creative designs for our esteemed clients in Orange County.

Their most recent feat is creating the luxury modern wine cellar at Papi Steak in Las Vegas, a testament to their unmatched expertise in wine cellar construction.

Featuring contemporary dual-paned wine cellar doors, triple-deep metal wine racking, and an efficient cooling system that maintains the collection at 55-58°F, this 20-foot-long x 15-foot-wide commercial wine cellar ensures an unforgettable wine and dining experience!

Modern Commercial Wine Cellars Designed for Papi Steak in Las Vegas

Our lead designer, Steve, was brought in to address issues with a problematic wine cellar as the project got off to a difficult start. The original construction had left the cellar in poor condition, from an inefficient cooling unit to poorly designed wine racking and overall layout. It was clear that significant changes were needed to address these shortcomings.

The original design of the modern commercial wine cellars had several deficiencies, including inadequate cooling, ill-fitting doors, and a racking setup that restricted accessibility. This necessitated a complete rethinking of the cellar’s design and layout.

A split system wine cellar cooling unit in Las Vegas is usually necessary for commercial design. While some opt for self-contained cooling units due to budget constraints, they are less effective for commercial spaces. We had to explain to the client that a self-contained system wouldn’t sufficiently circulate cool air throughout the entire cabinet for their wine cellar’s size.

Perfect Wine Cooling System for This Steakhouse in Las Vegas

We resolved the cooling system issues by implementing a split system using a powerful 18000 BTU unit from US Cellars Systems. This involved installing separate supply and return ducts for each compartment, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the wine cellar. This setup eliminated hot spots and uneven cooling, providing ideal conditions for wine storage.

Additionally, the dedicated supply and return lines allowed us to set specific temperatures, maintaining the champagne compartments at 45 degrees F and the wine compartments at 55 degrees F, which is optimal for preserving the beverages.

Glass Wine Cellar Doors for Displaying the Luxury Modern  Wine Cellar

Las Vegas Modern Commercial Wine Cellar

Beautifully showcased wine bottles in a modern commercial wine cellar in Las Vegas

The glass wine cellar doors underwent a remarkable transformation. They now stand seven feet tall with wooden frames and dual-paned glass, adding an elegant touch to the cellar.

Custom-designed with 60-inch handles and Q-lon seals to prevent air leaks, these doors ensure that the cool air remains sealed inside, regenerating quickly no matter how frequently the cellar is accessed.

Given the presence of high-value wines and champagnes in this commercial wine cellar, a common feature in profit-oriented collections, we would typically recommend advanced door security locks if we had been involved in the initial design. However, we opted to retain the original traditional-style lock per the builder’s initial installation for this cellar.

Elegant Looking Custom Wine Racks for this Steakhouse

Aside from focusing only on the doors, we also upgraded the racking system. While sturdy and made from VintageView, the original racking was not very practical in terms of accessibility. It made it difficult for people to reach the bottles at the back as they had to remove them in front first.

Therefore, we replaced all of them with attractive gold-colored VintageView triple-deep custom wine racks. These new racks held the bottles securely and added a stylish touch to the walls, beautifully showcasing the collection.

The upper sections of the glass wine cellars were specifically designed for display, mostly filled with dummy bottles, eliminating the need for ladders typically required for tall wine displays.

Modern Commercial Wine Cellars in a Close Detail:

Maintaining the Custom Wine Cellar for Decades

Upon completing the renovation, we addressed the wine cellar’s maintenance with the clients, emphasizing the importance of regular checks, particularly for the cooling systems.

We recommend scheduling check-ups every six months to uphold the cellar’s optimal condition for a large-scale operation such as this. Proper maintenance is crucial for preventing disruptions and ensuring an exceptional drinking experience for guests.

Drawing from our experience constructing commercial wine cellars, such as the one at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which has stood strong for over 20 years, we conducted periodic checks on their cellar every three months. Following a six-month maintenance schedule for this new high-end steakhouse wine cellar, we are confident it will endure for many years.

The renovation of the wine cellar represents the Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas team’s creativity and expertise in the hospitality industry. By directly addressing challenges and infusing a personal touch, we have transformed a troubled space into a standout feature of the restaurant. Our commitment to merging functionality with style ensures that every guest enjoys a touch of luxury during their visit.

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