About Us

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is a trusted wine cellar designer and construction specialist serving Nevada and its surrounding area for years. Offering stylish, unique, and practical solutions for all your wine cellar needs, our company recognizes the value of every wine collection and works around the framework of creativity, diligence, and quality workmanship to build the best storage environment for your wines.  

Our aim is to ensure you feel confident and secure throughout the entire process, no matter how simple or challenging your custom designs are, and we are committed to finding the best solutions while working within your budget!

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas: Your Makers of Exceptional Wine Cellars in Nevada 

At Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we believe every wine collection is unique and personal, that every bottle holds a story worth preserving, and that how they are stored should reflect their value.

We create designs that are impactful and tailored to your unique wants and needs and ensure you are involved throughout the process with unlimited consultation and consistent communication.

What We Offer 

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas offers new wine cellar construction and renovation services. We’re a one-stop shop for all wine cellar needs, and we take care of sourcing, custom-making, and installing the different parts of a wine cellar.  

  • Design Consultation 

Tell us what you envision for your wine cellar, and we’ll translate it into a complementary 3D drawing. If you have no idea about the design yet, our designer will provide you with some inspirational concepts! 

  • Wine Cellar Insulation and Refrigeration 

We conduct a thorough heat load assessment to determine the amount of insulation and the type of cooling unit necessary to manage your wine cellar’s temperature and humidity levels.  

  • Wine Cellar Racks 

We supply custom and pre-fabricated wine racks of various styles to match any concept. We only use premium-quality hardwood for rustic wine racks and robust stainless steel for metal wine racks. We also offer cable wine racks from some of the top manufacturers in the industry if you’re getting an ultra-modern wine cellar! 

  • Wine Cellar Flooring 

Choose from our wide selection of flooring options. We supply and install different flooring materials, including stone, tiles, hardwood, and reclaimed wine barrels.  

  • Wine Cellar Doors 

We provide custom or ready-made wine cellar doors in various designs. Whether you want a traditional-looking door with modern functionalities or a frameless, contemporary glass door that showcases your entire collection to the world, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Wine Cellar Lighting

Depending on your design, our team will create a lighting plan that will best serve the kind of display you’re aiming for. We only use wine-friendly LED lights, and you can choose from different styles, including puck lights, strip lights, track lights, sconces, chandeliers, and more.  

We also customize acrylic LED panels for modern wine cellars in need of backlighting or a light wall. Don’t hesitate to ask us!  


Visit our gallery of custom wine cellar designs here to see some of our works!