Cable Wine Systems: Expert’s Choice for Modern Wine Racking in Las Vegas

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has a wide experience in building both residential and commercial wine storage structures. Our builders have built countless wine cellars that range from traditional style to contemporary designs. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for luxurious modern designs. For us to meet this trend, we have teamed up with Cable Wine Systems in Las Vegas – a company reputable for its innovative modern wine display products. 

Custom Wine Cellars Partners with Cable Wine Systems 

We, at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, are a team of master designers and expert builders of all kinds of wine storage solutions. With more than a decade of constructing aesthetic and dependable wine rooms, we have worked with numerous companies through the years, in order for us to meet with the different needs of various clients. In the recent years, we have added Cable Wine Systems to our list of trusted partners in Las Vegas. They are one of the top companies we recommend to our clients when we need to build contemporary style custom wine cellars.  

Gorgeous Minimalist Wine Racking System for Modern Wine Rooms 

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Modern wine racks from Cable Wine Systems create an illusion of floating bottles.

Custom Wine Cellar Las Vegas is a proud dealer of the beautiful line of wine storage products from Cable Wine Systems. Their most popular product is their modern wine racks. When clients require a contemporary style for their custom wine cellar design, we often recommend the use of the steel racks from Cable Wine Systems.  

Cable Wine Systems creates distinctive racks using high-grade tension sets that anchor the top and bottom of vertical cables. Durable clamps are used to support all of the horizontal cables. This design gives the illusion of floating wine bottles. This innovative wine racking system is well-known all over the United States. Moreover, the uniqueness of these racks has earned the praise and recommendation of expert builders, designers, and architects worldwide. 

Just look at these cable racks set in front of a full wall of LED wine cellar lighting!

Advantages of the Modern Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems in Las Vegas 

Why are these wine racks from Cable Wine Systems such a fad? Here are a few of the reasons why: 

a. Label-Forward Design  

Cable Wine Systems designed their racks for easy viewing of labels. Their label-forward racks are built for convenience, so that wine enthusiasts can quickly their favorite bottles.  

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There are a variety of options on how you want your wines displayed.

b. Flexible Design Options

Versatility is one of the strengths of the modern wine racks from Cable Wine Systems. These racking systems can be set up in such a way that they can store bottles of various sizes. The spacing in between the tension cables can be adjusted, so that champagnes and other large-format bottles can be accommodated.  

With the Cable Wine Systems racking, clients can also choose to have their bottles displayed horizontally, slightly angled, or a combination of both.  

c. Cable Wine Systems in Las Vegas Only Uses Superior Quality Materials 

Cable Wine Systems is reputable for using only high-quality materials in making their products. Their modern wine racks are made from commercial-grade stainless steel cables and robust chrome brass clamps.  

Cable Wine Systems Answers Frequently Asked Questions in Las Vegas: 

Clients who have expressed their interest in any of the products from Cable Wine Systems in Las Vegas have asked similar questions. We’ve compiled the top most frequently asked questions: 

1. How much are the racks from Cable Wine System in Las Vegas? 

The pricing varies depending on factors, such as height, width, and depth of the wine racks.  

2. What finish options can we choose from? 

Cable Wine Systems offer two options for finishes for their tension sets, namely: Chrome and Satin  

3. How long will it take to deliver Cable Wine Systems racks in Las Vegas? 

From the date your order is confirmed, it takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks to ship out the products. The product will be delivered to you in around 3 to 12 weeks’ time. Sometimes, there may be delays in the delivery of your products. An increase in demand of a certain product is the common cause of these delays.  

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Beautiful contemporary style wine racking from Cable Wine Systems.

4. Do I need to hire a professional to install the wine racks from Cable Wine System? 

We recommend that you hire a professional when installing Cable Wine Systems racks. Hiring an experienced and qualified contractor can ensure that your racks are correctly assembled and installed. The ceiling or top mounting area that supports the tensions of the cable must be properly reinforced, otherwise the racks will fall apart.  

5. Can I have someone from Cable Wine System install my racks? 

Unfortunately, Cable Wine Systems does not offer installation services for their products. They may, however, recommend an authorized dealer, such as Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, to assist you. Cable Wine Cellars does provide exclusive technical support to their authorized dealers in the process of installing their products.  

Get Your Own Modern Wine Display in Las Vegas with Racks from Cable Wine Systems! 

Do you want to own a wine cellar in your home? Or perhaps, you want to start a business and need a wine display to boost your store’s aesthetic value? Call us today and we can help you create a stylish modern wine cellar design! With Cable Wine Systems as our partner, we can help you create your dream wine room in Las Vegas! You can reach us through (702) 866-9544.