Things To Remember When Designing & Planning for Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction

Custom Designed and Constructed by Local Wine Cellar Contractors

There was a time when only the rich could afford to have a residential wine cellar built in their home. Today, any wine lover and wine collector can own their very own home wine cellar, custom designed and constructed. Our Custom Wine Cellar Experts offer several stunning wine cellar design styles to choose from!

If you plan to have a custom wine cellar built in Las Vegas, Nevada, here are some points that you need to keep in mind:

1. Know the General Principles of Proper Wine Storage 

It is important that you know the essentials of proper wine storage so that you can identify which companies are truly capable of providing a custom wine cellar that meets the standards for proper wine storage.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas build some of the most durable, functional and elegantly designed custom wine cellars in Nevada.

2. Research the Company that You Choose to Build Your Wine Cellar 

There are some designers and contractors who think that a custom wine cellar is nothing but a dressed up cupboard for wines.

This perspective overlooks the fact that wine is a very sensitive beverage and its resting place should be designed and constructed with care. Every single part of a wine cellar has to be planned well so that the entire wine storage room can provide the ideal conditions for wine to be kept safe.

The company you choose to design and build your residential wine cellar in Las Vegas should be one that understands how wine ages, how it is best stored and what can damage it. Before you decide on trusting a wine cellar company, you have to research their previous projects and read testimonials from their previous clients.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to home wine cellar designing and building in Nevada.

3. Be Particular About the Materials to Be Used 

There are custom wine cellar contractors who sometimes offer cheaper rates only for you to find out that they’re using cheap materials in building your cellar. It is important that you know the variety of wood species that you can choose for your wine cellar as well as for your wine racks.

Choose wood species that are not only durable, but will also make your residential wine cellar in NV look beautiful.

4. Do Not Overlook the Wine Cellar Door 

A custom wine cellar door is one the most commonly overlooked parts of a wine cellar, whether residential or commercial. The cellar door should never be overlooked, because it is the weakest point of any custom wine cellar in Las Vegas.

A poorly designed and installed wine cellar door can cause the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room to fluctuate, and this can damage your wines.