The Best Cooling Units for Custom Wine Cellars – Top Nevada Manufacturers

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The ideal wine cellar cooling system should not be either seen or heard

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has designed and built numerous storage facilities for residential and commercial purposes.

All the wine rooms that our wine cellar specialists construct are built to last and function efficiently. We make sure that the storage spaces we create are ideal for aging wines by installing dependable refrigeration systems manufactured by the most trusted HVAC companies.

Why Do You Need a Cooling Unit Specifically Designed for Wine Cellars?

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Wine cellar cooling systems are ugly pieces of mechanical equipment. However, they can make or break your wine cellar’s effectiveness at safely storing your wine collection.

Unlike other beverages, wine can easily lose its flavor and spoil if kept outside the ideal storage temperature and humidity levels.

If you store wine in an environment that is too hot, too cold or worse, one that frequently fluctuates, you’ll end up with a disappointingly vinegar-tasting wine. Wine cellars are climate-controlled storage systems that are built to keep wines safe from spoilage and allow them to age properly.

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The right cooling system is the pre-requisite for safe wine aging

If you own one to two bottles, you probably won’t need to have a wine cellar built. But, those who own large quantities of wines, or are in the wine selling industry, should have a custom wine cellar constructed.

All functional wine cellars must have a cooling system installed so that they can provide the standard storage temperature and humidity for wines.

Regular air conditioning units (HVAC) and refrigerators are not made for wine storage purposes. Cooling systems that are specially designed for wine cellars are built to meet the ideal storage requirements in a wine room.

Historically, people used to store wines in caves and underground spaces because these areas are adequately cold and moist, which are the characteristics of an ideal wine storage system.

In this modern age, builders create wine cellars to mimic or recreate the environment in those caves and underground spaces. Wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers design their products to effectively keep the climate inside wine rooms constantly cool at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and consistently humid at 50% to 60% Relative Humidity (RH).

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‘Designed in’ means designed to be out of sight in your wine cellar.

Can You Install Any Kind of Cooling Unit in Your Wine Cellar?

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Custom grill made specifically to hide the wine cellar’s mechanical equipment.

No. Each storage facility is unique, which means that each wine cellar has different requirements.

The cooling unit you should install in your wine cellar should meet those requirements. To determine the most appropriate refrigeration system for your wine room, there are various factors to consider, such as the size of the structure, bottle capacity, location, and more.

To make sure that you pick the right HVAC unit for your wine cellar, you need to work with a cooling specialist in Nevada. A professional cooling technician will be able to assess the storage requirements thoroughly for your wine room so that the most appropriate refrigeration system can be installed.

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A wine cellar refrigeration system is not the same as an HVAC system. Installing one and getting it right, requires a wine cellar refrigeration specialist.

What are the Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Nevada?

There are many ways to make your wine cellar’s cooling system inconspicuous.

There is an assortment of HVAC systems in Nevada that range from self-contained, through-the-wall units, to ductless split-type systems. The wine cellar cooling equipment you need also depends on factors, such as location, style, and size. Each type of refrigeration unit has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Leading Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

There are many brands of wine cellar cooling units on the market, but we, at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, have selected three brands that we consider the best choices for residential installation in Las Vegas.

The three top wine cellar refrigeration unit manufacturers that our experts recommend are:

1. CellarPro

Contact CellarPro here!CellarPro is one of the leading HVAC system manufacturers that offer a wide range of cooling equipment for both big and small storage facilities. They have refrigeration units that are designed for small spaces, like 200 cubic feet custom wine cabinets. They also have cooling systems that are ideal for large storage systems, like grand wine cellars that measure up to 2,500 cubic feet.

Wine cellar builders often pick CellarPro cooling systems because they are among the quietest HVAC units in the industry. CellarPro offers various types of refrigeration units, including self-contained systems and split-type units. They also offer equipment that has built-in humidity control features.

2. WhisperKool

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WhisperKOOL is a wine cellar cooling company that offers robust refrigeration systems known for their power and cooling rate. The HVAC products that they manufacture are ideal for wine cellars that are located in warmer regions.

Cooling systems built by WhisperKool are made with a humidity management system. This feature automatically adjusts the temperature inside a wine cellar according to the changes in the storage environment that the equipment detects.

3. US Cellar Systems

Contact US Cellar Systems here!US Cellar Systems is known for their customizable wine cooling systems. The flexible characteristics of their HVAC units are ideal for storage facilities that have unusual dimensions. They have equipment that can fit difficult-to-reach areas. In many projects where we had to build wine cellars in irregularly-shaped spaces, we often chose to install cooling units from US Cellar.

Get Started with the Construction of Your Custom Wine Cellar!

Whether it is a residential or a commercial storage facility you need, we are ready to help you build your dream wine cellar in Nevada. Together with our construction partners, we can help you create a long-lasting, functional, and dependable wine cellar complete with a robust cooling system installed.

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