What’s The Best Wine Guardian Refrigeration System For Your Las Vegas Wine Cellar?

At Coastal we like the Wine Guardian range of products for their Commercial Grade quality.

Also affordable for most large and small wine cellar refrigeration projects they are market leaders in reliability.

If you are a homeowner and just want a very reliable system or the owner of a commercial business, Wine Guardian’s products are a good choice.

The Wine Guardian Self-Contained Fully Ducted refrigeration system is ideal for custom wine cellar regardless of size.  They manufacture a range of ducted, ducted split and through-the-wall systems, offering reliable temperature and humidity control.

Smaller Wine Rooms – Ducted Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Wine Guardian Remote Interface Controller From Custom Wine Cellar Las Vegas

Perfect for small wine rooms that need maximum capacity the Wine Guardian ducted system does not need to be placed inside the wine room.  This frees up wall space, maximizing the storage and display features of the wine racks.

Larger Wine Cellars – Powerful Ducted Refrigeration Control

The Wine Guardian is also an excellent choice for large to very large wine cellars.  The largest model will facilitate an area of up to 8500 cubic feet.

Wine Guardian – Commercial Grade Features

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Ducted Systems from Wine Guardian Las Vegas Side View with open panels

Available in air cooled or water cooled models, Wine Guardian’s ducted air handlers are virtually vibration free and the decibel levels are so low you will be amazed.

Commercial grade features include low and high ambient protection, ETL to UL and CSA certification, always factory tested prior to shipment, cleanable filter on the condenser coil, high static fans for extended ductwork.

Other options include integrated humidifiers, low ambient heater, duct collars, flex ducting and grilles.

Wine Guardian Nevada range of products for their Commercial Grade quality and features

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Coastal offer complimentary consultation and 3D wine room design services.  Call us today to learn if the Wine Guardian is the right system for your residential custom wine cellar or commercial wine display project.

Through-the-wall Options by Wine Guardian


Through-the-wall refrigeration systems are simple to install and relatively inexpensive.  However, they are also usually visible in the wine cellar itself.  It is therefore important that they look presentable and in keeping with the wine room’s design style.

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems in Nevada

Wine Guardian’s units are modern looking and well-designed aesthetically to match most style of today’s more contemporary wine cellars and are quiet compared to other systems.

These units max at about 1500 cubic feet or 43 cubic meters.  In storage areas up to this size, they have very effective airflow and do a great job of maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity to keep your wine collection stable.

Some of the main benefits are the quiet and efficient operation, corrosion resistant components with an all-aluminum frame for long-term durability, and optional support for a heater.

Wine Guardian TTW018/TTW009 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit uses one design.

Available in core two sizes, they can be ideal where budget is important in small to medium sized wine rooms.

  • TTW009 for rooms up to 850 cubic feet
  • TTW018 for rooms up to 1500 cubic feet

This Wine Guardian TTW018 and TTW009 wine air conditioning units are ideal for smaller commercial and residential wine cellars and wine cabinets. They are easy to install and can be installed on your own without the support of a contractor. The max capacity of the TTW018 unit is 2,100 BTU/h (0.61 Kilowatts), while the TTW009 is 1,100 BTU/h (0.32 Kilowatts).


Wine Guardian Las Vegas, Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Refrigeration Cooling System , Nevada

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Wine Guardian Las Vegas Self Contained Ducted Cellar Cooling System How They Work