Durable Custom Wine Cellar Doors Fit for High End Storage Rooms

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The entryway to your wine collection serves a very important purpose. The door ensures that your cellar is airtight so that your wines are protected from spoilage.

Custom wine cellar doors can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wine cellar. Not only do they provide a functional barrier to protect your precious collection, but they also serve as a beautiful focal point. With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, custom wine cellar doors can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wine cellar.

A tightly sealed environment is one of the requirements of an ideal wine storage structure. If a cellar falls short of having an airtight setup, the wines stored in it are in danger of spoilage. It will be a terrible waste of money if a cellar owner invests in the construction of a wine room only to let air leak out of a poorly built door. A crack in the door, no matter how small, can cause a massive imbalance in the temperature and humidity levels inside the cellar. Consequently, this could lead to the spoiling of the stock inside. To keep your wine collection safe from damage, make sure that all the essential elements of a functional wine storage room are complete, including a properly installed high-quality cellar door.

The main purpose of a high-grade wine cellar door is to make sure that a storage structure is completely impermeable to air and moisture so that the temperature and humidity levels inside are prevented from fluctuating. Constant changes in climate-controlled conditions are detrimental to the quality of wines. Ideally, the thermal resistance or R-value of a cellar door must be at least 14. This is the necessary value for a door to be effective in keeping a wine room tightly sealed.

Three Vital Conditions Inside the Custom Wine Cellar

A glass wine cellar door with traditional wooden fraiming. Click for a larger image!

A dependable wine cellar door ensures that the temperature and humidity inside the storage room are not constantly fluctuating.

There are three important conditions that you need to control: temperature, humidity, and light. All of these three conditions can quickly be destroyed if you put in place a poor-quality door that is not intended for climate control.

Some people spend a lot on costly materials for the construction of their cellar in Nevada. But even if you properly insulate the room with a vapor barrier, if there is no heavy-duty door in place, the cellar will still not be able to meet the standard of an effective wine storage structure.

Some people also invest in the installation of a refrigeration system. However, no cooling equipment will be able to provide the climate-controlled conditions if a dependable door is not installed. All these expenses mean nothing if the temperature and humidity inside the storage space are not maintained at the ideal levels.


Gorgeous wooden wine cellar entryways with double-pane glass windows. Click for a larger image!

Gorgeous wooden wine cellar entryways with double-pane glass windows.

Durable and Stylish Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Structural integrity, durability, air tightness, and insulation capabilities are all essential qualities of an ideal door. Besides these functional characteristics, it is also important for a door to be stylish and well-designed. The entranceway to your wine cellar should be attractive to your guests because the appearance of your door is the first object to catch your eye and adds aesthetic value to your storage room.

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There are various materials used for constructing wine cellar doors in Las Vegas. In choosing a material for your storage room, consider functionality and aesthetics. The most appropriate door for you depends on the overall style you want to achieve for your wine room. The following kinds of doors are both durable and beautiful:

1. Solid Wood Doors for Posh and Sophisticated Wine Cellars

Arched wooden wine room doors with intricate design details. Durable wooden wine room doors.

Durable wooden wine room doors with intricate design details.

This type is the most common choice for wine storage entryways. There is no limit to the style choices you can have for your doors. You can choose from a variety of wood species, such as Sapele, Mahogany, Maple, Redwood, Rustic Alder, Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, etc. When selecting the kind of wood to use, make sure that the material matches the wine racks and shelves in your cellar. You can also opt to have stains and finishes applied to the wooden entry door. We at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas strongly recommend exterior-grade doors complete with weather stripping on all four sides.

Constructing Wooden Wine Room Doors Using Old World Techniques

One of the earliest and most resilient methods of joining wooden boards together is called a Mortise and Tenon Joint. For many centuries, woodcrafters have used this procedure to reinforce doors that require high insulation, such as those that are installed in wine storage rooms. At Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we use doors that are built using this process because they are more durable. Wine cellars that utilize these doors are protected from potential leakages and are more tightly sealed.

New Trends for Building High-Tech Solid Wood Wine Room Doors

Elegantly designed wine cellar doors made from strong wood.

These are elegantly designed wine cellar doors made from strong wood. The most dependable kinds of wood species include Redwood, Mahogany, and Pine.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas also uses a new and innovative technology called Laminated Veneer Lumber or LVL. This is a material that only a few manufacturers offer. LVL is an engineered wood product. It is designed by constructing layers of thin wood that are sealed together using adhesives.

A common perception regarding wood laminates is that these are inferior to solid wood. But LVL is distinctly more durable than the average wood laminate. In fact, this product offers many more advantages compared to standard milled lumber, because LVL is stronger, straighter, and more uniform. Unlike typical lumber, LVL is less likely to warp, twist, bow, or shrink due to its composite nature.

In the case of a custom wine cellar door, the lamination process of LVL helps build a stronger product that can effectively insulate a storage room in a far more superior way than solid wood.

2. Chic and Modern Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Glass wine cellar with wooden wine racking system. Click for a larger image!

Glass doors allow you to see the content of your wine cellar without having to open them. Unnecessary opening of the wine room door can cause frequent temperature and humidity fluctuations, which can damage your wines.

Full glass doors are ideal for those who want to see the inside of their wine rooms from the outside. With glass-enclosed cellars, it doesn’t matter what kind of racking or shelving is installed inside, because the door does not need to match the interior.

Whether you own rustic wooden wine display rows or contemporary metal racks, with glass entryways, you have the opportunity to showcase the design of your cellar to all your guests without needing to let them inside the room. This is an incredible advantage because you get to avoid the unnecessary and damaging fluctuations in temperature and humidity in your wine room caused by the frequent opening of the door.

Standard glass does not actually have good insulating qualities. Most glass companies do not provide the necessary insulation value needed for a wine cellar glass door. If you want to use glass for your wine room’s entryway, make sure that you use dual-paned tempered glass with a solid core. Ideally, the glass should be 5/8 inches in thickness.

Glass enclosed wine cellar with a clear view of the wooden wine racks. Click for a larger image!

Beautifully designed glass-enclosed wine cellars.

We at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas offer customization options for glass doors. You can opt to have a unique design incorporated into the glass by choosing to have it etched or stained.

3. Wrought Iron Entryways for Baroque and Stylish Modern Wine Cellar Structures

The ornate features of wrought iron cellar doors create a majestically dramatic feel to your wine room. This kind of door is usually built with dual-paned tempered glass for better insulation capacities. The interior glass panels are ideally operable. This means that the wrought iron can be opened and closed so that the glass can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Arched wooden wine cellar door, with intricate design details. Click for a larger image!

A wrought iron wine storage room door built in Las Vegas, Nevada. The design is called “The Huntington” because it was drawn by a cellar owner from Huntington Beach.

Exquisite design details of a wrought iron cellar door. Click for a larger image!

Exquisite design details of a wrought iron cellar door.

Wrought iron entryways are hand-forged by skillful craftsmen who mold the metal to create detailed patterns and intricate designs, such as grape clusters, vines, leaves, and more. Cellar owners can choose to have their doors custom-designed to meet their specific style preferences.

Hand-forged wrought iron doors are made from combining 16 and 18-gauge steel. To ensure that the door is airtight, foam and weather stripping are applied around the metal frame, the glass frame, and the rubber sweep. Moreover, high-quality polyurethane foam is injected into the wrought iron frame and body for added insulation.

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4. Elegant and Contemporary Stainless Steel Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Stainless steel wine room doors are among the most stunning but affordable choices of cellar entryways. Just like wrought iron doors, steel entryways are typically built with dual-pane tempered glass for additional insulation value.

This kind of cellar door is popular not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability and longevity. Stainless steel is highly resistant to warping. It never rots, shrinks, or sags. Unlike average metal, stainless steel does not corrode or rust due to its high resistance to oxidation. It is easy to clean and, if properly maintained, will last up to 30 years or longer.

Just like all other types of wine cellar doors, stainless steel can be customized to meet your specific design preferences. Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas offers stainless steel doors complete with weather stripping, high-grade hinges, jamb, etc.

Additional Security Features for Your Wine Cellar’s Custom Door

Besides the style and design of your door, the need for security in your wine cellar should also be considered. It’s not enough to have a door installed. You must make sure that you have the capacity to keep your wine room locked. There are many options to secure a cellar entryway. The simplest ones include the standard lock-and-key method or the deadbolt lock.

Those who want additional security and a little more flexibility can choose to have a keypad locking system set up. This option allows wine room owners to set a passcode combination and change it whenever necessary. The advancement in technology also offers a more innovative approach, and that is through a fingerprint recognition system. In this tightly secured setup, only the person with the registered fingerprint is granted access to the wine cellar.

Arched Wine Cellar door with intricate traditional luxurious design. Click for a larger image!

The design of your cellar door should reflect your personality as a wine collector. Moreover, choose materials that will ensure the durability of your wine room’s entryway.

Find the Perfect Wine Room Door for Your Storage Room!

Understanding how important it is to have a high-standard door for your wine cellar – what’s the next step? You need to hire a storage specialist to install the appropriate door for your wine room. A professional can help determine the right door options for your storage structure, and will also provide the installation services needed. Our experts at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas are trained to perform these services and will also provide assessment procedures to make sure that your storage room is sealed properly.

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Hire Expert Contractors for Your Wine Cellar Door Needs

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has over a decade of experience in building effective wine storage systems in Nevada. Entrust the installation of your wine room door to an expert. Our specialists will help you through the process of selecting the right materials needed for the installation of your door. Our design consultants can also assist you in choosing the most appropriate style for your cellar entryway.

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