Glass Modern Home Wine Cellars: Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home in The Canyons

A striking modern glass wine cellar masterpiece for a luxurious Las Vegas home.

The team of experts from Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has completed a number of modern home wine cellars including this contemporary glass wine storage room. They crafted a wine closet that is both sophisticated and functional, combining contemporary and minimalistic styles in mind. The minimalist design approach can be seen through the abundant clean straight lines in the entire wine racking system. The technologically advanced LED lighting system gives a boost to its modern look.

Keep on reading to learn all the details about this one-of-a-kind wine cellar.

Construction Stages of Modern Home Wine Cellars

The client reached out to the Las Vegas-based Custom Wine Cellars team to upgrade her home in The Canyons with a modern elegant wine storage room. The team chose an empty corner in the house but had to tear some of its walls down to studs to begin the construction of the wine room.

After completing the initial demolition work, the first thing was to ensure the proper layout of electrical lines for the cooling system and LED lighting. Afterward, the cell foam application was installed, which functions as a vapor barrier and provides a proper seal to the entire area to achieve appropriate insulation values.

The weight coming from the back wall is supported by mounting plywood on the wall. Plywood was also utilized to support the weight of the soffit. Upon completion, the team applied the needed texture and finish to the wall and installed the cable wine racking system.

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Modern Way of Organizing your Wine Collection

The visitors will surely be in awe when they come across this ingenious way of using cables for the wine racking system. The cables are not visible and leave an impression that the wine bottles are floating mid-air. The glossy finish of the cables also enhances their visual appeal when struck by the LED lights.

One might wonder how the thin cables can accommodate the weight of many wine bottles. This is not something to worry about since they are made from stainless steel, which can support almost any bottle of any size. The intricate arrangement of the cables provides adequate support at both the front and back of the bottles.

Sturdy metallic clams are also utilized on both ends to support the tension cables. This racking system can withstand vibration and movements, which is vital for storing wines. Despite its minimal look, you can rest assured that you have your wine collection well-kept inside this modern wine room.

The cable wine racking system is a clean and modern way of organizing the home wine cellar

Here are some other benefits of cable wine racking systems.

  • It allows you to display the wine bottles according to their preferences. You can position the lower and upper bottles where the labels are facing the viewer’s eyesight directly.
  • This also makes for an efficient organization of your whole collection.
  • Compared to standard wine racks, cables provide air gaps which means better air and temperature circulation.
  • The symmetrical and clean arrangement further accentuates the modern and minimalist vibe you aim for.
  • As mentioned, because of its smart tension cable design, you can store all types of wine bottle sizes, from standard to magnum size.
  • The cable wine racks are engineered to withstand vibration, helping the wine maintain its taste and quality.

With that being said, the cable racks can store around 500 bottles. Despite the minimal area for the modern home wine cellar, the team fully maximized its storage capacity. Additionally, installing bronze mirrors adds an illusion to make the entire wine cellar area seem bigger. The wine closet also boasts more features like a display table, LED lighting panels, and a glass door and enclosure.

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Contemporary Lighting System

The incorporation of LED lighting is a modern element that is rising in popularity in the market nowadays. For this project, the coastal team used a custom-made LED panel using an acrylic board where the lights are mounted behind.

The LED acrylic panels brighten up the home wine cellar in a modern and stylish way

The panel system comes with adjustable lighting that you can set to highlight the whole wine collection. The LED bulbs don’t emit heat, which is perfect for maintaining the wine cellar’s humidity and temperature levels. The RGB lighting is an extra feature for the client to adjust the brightness and color based on their mood.

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Glass Enclosed Modern Home Wine Cellars: A Valuable Addition to your The Canyons Home

It’s challenging to build a modern and minimalistic home wine storage when you have to consider many features and functionality. The most critical function of wine storing is to protect the wine from fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

Condensation is another factor affecting wine quality because it promotes growth. The cork’s exposure to molds destroys its sealing property leading to premature aging of wines.

In this case, the team was able to finalize a design layout that does not compromise the functionality over style. The wine cellar is enclosed in a U-channel using frameless single-paned glass for the sidewalls and the door.

A ½-inch tempered glass is specifically utilized for the U-channel to provide a seal for optimum insulation of the wine closet. This protects the interior from condensation and sudden changes in humidity and temperature.

Advanced Wine Cooling System for a Noise-Free Wine Room

Most modern wine cooling systems are ducted split systems designed to reduce noise and save more space than traditional cooling equipment. Noise reduction is vital for wine storage as the constant movement of wine bottles can cause vibrations and deter the quality of the wine’s taste and aroma. It is also not conducive for visitors to hear the constant humming of a cooling unit.

For this project, the team chose a wine split-type cooling system for the home’s modern wine closet, the HS46 unit from US Cellars System offers many features like noise dissipation. The condensing unit was placed outside the house while the evaporating coils were situated in the soffit. This strategic placement provided a much quieter cellar environment.

Build the Perfect Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Team of Professionals

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas‘ team of experts worked hand in hand with the client on this project. The client was happily satisfied with the final outcome and allowed us to showcase the entire project with you. They have lots of experience building traditional, custom, and modern home wine cellars for any home in The Canyons and the larger Las Vegas.

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