Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cabinets at the Luxurious Palazzo Gaming Lounge at The Venetian

The Palazzo Gaming Lounge Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

The Palazzo Gaming Lounge Installed these Sale-boosting and Attractive Refrigerated Wine Cabinets Designed by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas

High-end establishments now view refrigerated wine cabinets as crucial for showcasing their impressive collections and attracting more customers.

In the commercial market, custom wine cabinets are highly sought after, with sleek and modern wine cellars as captivating visual features and impressive art pieces.

Our Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas team fulfilled these sophisticated commercial wine cabinets for The Palazzo Gaming Lounge’s high-stakes poker room.

We created a refrigerated wine cabinet and humidor featuring a stunning wooden wine rack made of white oak, a lacquer finish, temperature control systems, and a self-contained cooling unit.

The result is a visually striking wine cabinet that perfectly complements The Palazzo’s sophisticated ambiance.

Continue reading to learn more about the design elements incorporated in the refrigerated wine cabinets at The Palazzo Gaming Lounge, showcasing our team’s expertise and commitment to high-quality wine cellar designs!

Sleek Style of Custom Wooden Wine Racks for the Gaming Lounge

The commercial and refrigerated wine cabinets at The Palazzo Gaming Lounge showcase exquisite custom wooden wine racks crafted from white oak with a sleek lacquer finish. The white oak wood creates a striking contrast against the dark walls, contributing to an elegant and refined atmosphere in the gaming lounge.

The lacquer finish accentuates the natural beauty of the wood grain. It provides a protective layer that resists scratches and other damages, ensuring the wine cabinets maintain a pristine appearance over time, even with regular use.

Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cabinets at the Luxurious Palazzo Gaming Lounge at The Venetian

Our team meticulously designed the wine racks to maximize storage space while presenting a visually stunning display of the wine bottles. Featuring a horizontal display, the custom wooden wine racks can accommodate up to 700 wine bottles, elegantly showcasing a diverse selection of wines in the wine cabinets.

Custom wooden wine racks for The Palazzo

Custom Wooden Wine Racks and Glass Wine Cellar Door were Tastefully-Designed for the Las Vegas Palazzo Gaming Lounge

Incorporating modern designs, this wine cellar comprises three red cabinets capable of storing wine at temperatures up to 55 degrees and one white cabinet for wine storage at 45 degrees. These wine cabinets are ideal for individuals seeking to preserve their wine collection at the optimal temperatures for serving and aging.

CellarPro’s Cooling Unit: A Perfect Fit for Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

Our team has meticulously designed the wine cabinets to maintain the ideal temperature for your wine collection. Equipped with temperature control systems, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your preferences, ensuring that your wine is always stored at the perfect temperature to preserve its quality and taste.

At The Palazzo Gaming Lounge in Las Vegas, we have installed Cellar Pro Ducted Self-Contained units to ensure that the wine cabinets maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for the wine collection.

These units are ducted, venting hot air outside the building to prevent heat buildup in the wine cellar. Additionally, the self-contained cooling units are equipped with digital thermostats, allowing you to set the temperature and humidity levels according to your preferences.

Our Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas experts recommend the Cellar Pro Ducted Self-Contained units. They are also energy-efficient, running quietly and efficiently to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers to enjoy their favorite wines.

Creating a Sophisticated Display Through Wooden Wine Cellar Door

The wine cabinet doors crafted by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas experts from white oak offer a timeless and elegant appearance well-suited for upscale venues such as The Palazzo Gaming Lounge in Las Vegas. The lacquer finish enhances the natural wood grain and provides a protective layer that safeguards the doors against scratches and other damage.

These doors are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. They are designed to be airtight, ensuring consistent temperature and humidity levels within the wine cabinets. Additionally, the doors are insulated to help maintain the optimal conditions for wine storage.

Moreover, the wine room doors at The Palazzo Gaming Lounge are designed for user convenience. They feature a secure locking mechanism to protect the wine bottles and ensure restricted access. The doors are engineered to open and close smoothly and quietly, adding to the overall customer experience.

Wine Cellar Lighting Ideas For Highlighting Prized Wine Collections

Cigar Humidor in Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

The Cigar Humidor in these Refrigerated Wine Cabinets was Specifically Built from Spanish Cedar Wood

When selecting lighting for your wine cellar, you must consider the light’s quality, the heat emitted, and the overall ambiance you wish to create.

Our Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas designers combined low LED and channel lights to create a stunning visual effect in these refrigerated wine cabinets at the gaming lounge.

The low LED lights were installed under the wine racks to create a warm and inviting glow, while the channel lights highlighted the wine bottles and provided a soft and even overall lighting effect.

They are designed to emit low heat levels and can be installed without affecting the temperature or humidity levels in the custom wine cellar.

These are excellent choices for wine cellar lighting. They offer energy efficiency, longevity, and a subtle and elegant lighting effect that enhances the visual appeal of the wine collection.

Cool and Stylish Humidor for the Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

At The Palazzo Gaming Lounge, our Las Vegas experts designed stunning wine cabinets and crafted a humidor for storing cigars. The humidor features white oak doors lined with Spanish cedar beside the wine cabinets.

Spanish cedar is an ideal wood for humidors due to its natural moisture-absorbing properties, which help preserve cigars’ freshness.

To maintain the perfect humidity level for storing cigars, we implemented the CWC Humidification System. This system utilizes distilled water and a high-quality humidifier to ensure consistent humidity inside the humidor, which is crucial for preserving the cigars’ flavor and quality. The CWC Humidification System guarantees that the humidor maintains the ideal humidity level.

Adding the humidor to The Palazzo Gaming Lounge enhances the luxurious ambiance and offers cigar enthusiasts a beautiful and comfortable space to enjoy their favorite cigars. With the expert design and the CWC Humidification System in place, the humidor provides a superior storage solution for cigars for years.

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