VintageView Wine Racks: the Best Wine Racks to Create Posh Custom Wine Cellar Designs in Las Vegas

VintageView Wine Racks for Las Vegas Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is proud to offer all styles of VintageView racks to our clients.

The overall design of your custom wine cellar is mainly dependent on the type of wine racking system used. Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is a premier builder of any style of wine storage structures for commercial and residential installations. For wine cellars that need modern aesthetics, our experts highly recommend the use of the best metal wine racks from VintageView 

Incorporating Metal Wine Racks Into Your Custom Wine Cellar Design  

An ideal wine cellar is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The style details of a storage facility are just as important as the construction of its functional aspects.

Wine enthusiasts in Las Vegas invest in the building of their home wine cellars not just to ensure the safe storage of their wines, but also to have the opportunity to display their bottles in a proud and presentable way.  

Imagine inviting guests into your home for a tasting occasion. It would be an amazing experience for both you and your guests if you could serve exquisitely chosen wines, while providing them with a luscious ambiance through the design of your wine room – elegant lighting, classy racking, and gorgeous décor.  

Business establishments, such as restaurants and wine stores, also invest in the aesthetics of their cellar because beautifully displayed wines attract more customers. Good wine is sellable, but properly displayed good wine can make better sales! 

Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design Created Using VintageView Metal Wine Racks

The right racking systems must be installed to achieve that above-average custom wine cellar design. There is a plethora of wine racking style on the market. Wooden racks are still a favorite among those who want to stick to a traditional-style cellar. However, for those who want to create a more modern and uniquely contemporary ambiance in their storage facility, our expert builders highly recommend the use of metal wine cellar racks 

Metal wine racks add a sleek appeal to a wine cellar and can complement any existing décor or theme in your home, restaurant, hotel, retail store, or bar. Moreover, they are easier to maintain and more durable than wooden wine racks. 

High-Quality Metal Wine Racks by VintageView 

There are various manufacturers of steel racking systems in Nevada. We, at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, however, only use metal wine racks from VintageView. Besides the superior quality of their products, VintageView also offers a wide variety of metal rack design options. Moreover, their steel displays are offered with outstanding installation flexibility choices.  

The metal wine racks offered by VintageView are either modular or custom. Modular racks are those that are pre-made and ready to install. Modular metal wine racks are available in many sizes and styles. This kind of steel display is a good option for box-type wine rooms and regular-shaped cellars.

Custom-built racking systems are ideal for irregular-shaped wine storage facilities, like those built under a staircase. Custom wine racks are designed according to your own style preferences, which provides an opportunity for you to add a personal touch to your storage structure.  

Top VintageView Metal Wine Rack Options for the Modern Custom Cellar in Las Vegas 

VintageView Free Standing Evolution Series Wine Cellar Racks Las Vegas

VintageView Free Standing Evolution Series Wine Racks are Recommended for Commercial Wine Cellars in Las Vegas

VintageView offers numerous styles of metal racks to choose from. Work with an expert builder, like Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, to select a style that best suits your storage facility. The following are the two categories of steel displays offered by VintageView and are top favorites among cellar owners in Nevada: 

1. VintageView Freestanding Metal Wine Racks 

Also known as the Evolution Series, VintageView’s freestanding metal wine racks are innovative racks that can be installed just about anywhere that has a few feet of floor space. We recommend them for large wine cellars

The Evolution Series can be used in either residential or commercial wine cellar installations. This collection of steel displays is designed with a mix of acrylic and metal materials, in order to create a distinctive look for your custom wine cellar in Las Vegas.  

These are the different styles of freestanding metal wine racks that are offered by VintageView: 

  • Evolution Tabletop 3-Bottle Wine Rack  
  • One (Metal and Acrylic Tabletop Wine Rack)  
  • Mini 6-Bottle Tabletop Metal Wine Rack  
  • 180-Bottle Island Display Rack 3  
  • 234-Bottle Island Display Rack 4  
  • 288-Bottle Island Display Rack 7  
  • 378-Bottle Island Display Rack 7 DLX  
  • Bottle Island Display Rack Endcap  
  • Bottle Island Display Rack (single sided)  
  • Point of Purchase Display Rack   
  • Evolution Metal and Acrylic Wine Case 
  • Case & Crate Bin Short  
  • Case & Crate Bin Tall Kit   
  • Case & Crate Bin Tall Kit   
  • Case & Crate Locker Tall   

2. VintageView Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racking Systems  

Nine Bottle Wall Mounted VintageView Wine Cellar Racks Las Vegas

Nine Bottle Wall Mounted VintageView Wine Cellar Racks

VintageView’s wall-mounted metal racks are a mix of milled aluminum and steel. This type of wine rack system is perfect for adding flair to dull walls in limited spaces. It creates a minimalist wine display that will impress guests. At Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we offer various styles of VintageView wall-mounted wine cellar racks.  

These racking systems are designed to display bottles in a label-forward configuration, so that you can flaunt your finest vintages. These wall-mounted displays can be installed into just about any wall surface, including drywall, concrete, and wood.  

The Peg Series Wine Racks  

The Peg Series, also known as Vino Series, are wall-mounted metal pins designed to transform any custom wine cellar wall into a work of art. This racking system provides design flexibility. You can arrange the metal pins to create a custom wine cellar design that suits your aesthetic preference and the existing décor of your space. VintageView’s Peg Series is available in Vino Pins and Vino Rails.  

. The VintageView Peg Series includes the following options: 

  • Vino Rails 
  • Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (2-bottle deep) 
  • Vino Pins Metal Wine Peg 
  • Vino Pins Acrylic 
  • Vino Pins Magnum 
  • Vino Pins 3-Bottle Kit (3-bottle deep) 
Vino Pins

The Vino Pins Series makes use of two metal pins to hold each bottle in a label forward configuration. The pins or pegs, which are available in acrylic and stainless steel, can be mounted onto drywall, wood, or masonry. You can choose to create single, double, or triple deep wine racks, depending on your preferred style and needs. Keep in mind that single-deep storage racks are recommended for 1.5-liter bottles.    

Vino Rails 

Like the Vino Pins, the Vino Rails Series wine cellar racks also make use of steel and acrylic pins. With Vino Rails, the bottles are displayed with the neck facing out, instead of the labels. We offer the Vino Rails Magnum Series to accommodate your magnum bottles.

Column Wall Series Metal Wine Racks by VintageView 

The Columns Wall Series offer more bottle capacity for collectors who want more racks in a single column to accommodate their bottles. This wall-mounted racking collection includes the following options: 

  • 1-foot (3 to 9 bottles) 
  • 2 feet (6 to 18 bottles) 
  • 3 feet (9 to 27 bottles) 
  • 4 feet (12 to 36 bottles) 
  • Magnum/Champagne Bottle Rack (9 to 18 bottles) 
  • Big Bottle Series (4 bottles) 
  • Wall Series Single 
  • Le Rustique (6 bottles) 

To secure your bottles in place, you may opt for bottle retention straps. We recommend them to wine collectors who live in earthquake-prone areas.

The Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit is one of the VintageView’s distinctively designed metal racks. This steel display creates an illusion of bottles floating in the air. This type of wall-mounted racking system is available in single, double, and triple bottle-depth options.  

Get A Modern Wine Cellar Design! Consult an Expert Builder in Las Vegas! 

Have you decided on a design for your custom wine cellar in Las Vegas? Do you plan to own a traditional cellar with wooden displays? Or do you prefer a more contemporary storage room with VintageView metal wine racks installed? We can help you create a unique design that incorporates your personal style and preferences.  Call us today at (702) 866-9544!