Amazing Job by HVAC Experts in Las Vegas Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration Project

Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration by Las Vegas Experts

Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration by Las Vegas Experts Experts

A custom wine cabinets refrigeration project was completed by Arctic Metalworks, Inc., a group of Las Vegas HVAC specialists. Led by David Gype, the team provided the wine cooling solution necessary to solve the client’s problem. Despite the challenges that came their way, they were able to determine a suitable wine cooling unit for the small space. Read on to learn how the experts did their job.  

Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration Installation by Las Vegas Experts: Installing the Right Wine Cooling Unit for Proper Wine Preservation  

Custom wine cabinets refrigeration requires technical knowledge and expertise to ensure the unit suits the requirements and can function with maximum performance. Evert wine storage facility must be equipped it with a reliable wine cooling unit to preserve the desirable characteristics of the wines stored in them. You cannot use a regular air conditioning system in your wine cellar. Remember that wine has special storage requirements. It has to be kept in an environment with temperatures ranging between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels from 60 to 70 percent.  

Every wine storage facility has unique refrigeration requirements. Therefore, it is best to work with wine cellar refrigeration experts in the industry. When you work with Las Vegas wine cooling experts, you will not have nothing to worry about. Nothing can hinder them from providing your needs despite the challenges along the way.  

A thorough assessment and heat load calculation are essential steps in choosing the correct type and size of the climate control system. Proper sizing is a vital process to ensure that the ideal wine storage conditions are achieved. Installing a climate control system that is too small or too large for the wine cellar will affect the quality of the wines stored in it.  

Calculating the heat load will help determine the number of BTUs needed for a wine room, considering its size, the number of bottles intended to be kept in it, the amount of glass used on the walls and doors, and the nearby heat resources. Installing the right climate control equipment will prevent temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.  

Arctic Metalwork Inc., led by David Gype, is composed of HVAC technicians with the required skills and knowledge in wine cellar refrigeration. With more than 20 years of experience providing high-grade wine cooling solutions and repair services for wine storage facilities, the company has proven its reliability and excellent customer service. They understand that wine has special needs, and they are always doing their best to help their clients and exceed their expectations. They always make sure every wine cellar is equipped with the most suitable wine cooling unit.    

Installation of the Custom Wine Cabinet Refrigeration System by Las Vegas Experts  

Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration Using Unico High-Static Pressure Wine Cooling System

Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration Using Unico High-Static Pressure Wine Cooling System

In one of their projects, Arctic Metalworks had to install the ideal custom wine cabinets refrigeration system. The four custom wine cabinets were built in a space, and they had to find a wine cooling unit that would allow them to use extra ducting to vent the air in and out correctly.

The small space between the flooring would not allow the team to use larger ducts, so smaller ducting was the solution.   

The Ideal Wine Cooling Solution for this Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration Project: a Split-Type System that Utilizes High-Static Pressure    

After a careful assessment and planning, they decided that the best wine cooling unit to install was a ducted split wine refrigeration system. It is called the Unico High-Static Pressure Forced Air Unit by Arctic Metalworks.

It utilizes high-static pressure with a built-in high-static fan to allow the HVAC specialists to use thin ducting that could fit in tight spaces. The Forced Air Units or FAUs, make use of pipes with a minimum of 6-inch ducting.

No smaller size of the conduit is available for standard FAUs. However, with the Unico wine cooling unit, the team was able to use a 2-inch ducting because its static fan increases the supply of pressure. A total of 8 pieces of 2-inch ducting were utilized by the Arctic Metalworks.  

Each custom wine cabinet is equipped with two pieces of conduits, small enough to reach tight areas in the cabinets. Instead of a polystyrene type of barrier, the ducts used were made of aluminum flex, a material known for its resistance to leak and tear, making it ideal for custom wine cabinets refrigeration.  

Wine Cellar Refrigeration of Custom Wine Cabinets by Las Vegas Experts

Work with Las Vegas HVAC Experts for  the Refrigeration of Your Custom Wine Cabinets by 

The climate control system is located in a separate room, making it ideal for small wine rooms like this. There are four different temperature zones because of the limited space above to run the ducting.

The four supplies and four returns keep the proper circulation of cold air and stabilize the environment inside the custom wine cabinets. Arctic Metalworks installed a thermostat on the wall to allow the owners to adjust the wine storage conditions with convenience.

The temperature was set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a remote sensor in one of the wine cabinets designed to warn the owners when the temperature goes below or beyond the normal range.  

Work with Experts in Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration for Your Las Vegas Project  

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas - Experts in Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas – Experts in Custom Wine Cabinets Refrigeration

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas collaborates with experts in the construction and refrigeration of custom wine cabinets refrigeration. In this project, Arctic Metalworks found an innovative wine cooling solution for the owner’s wine cabinets.

Challenges did not stop them from creating a safe wine storage environment for the client’s prized wine collection. If you have questions about wine cellar construction and refrigeration, please call us at (702) 866-9544.