Sun City Las Vegas Wine Cellar Cooling System & Cellar Design Project by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas

Cellar cooling split systems are the ugly but vital mechanical systems at the heart of any residential wine cellar — especially one in Sun City in Las Vegas. The good news is that once the cellar is completed, the system will be completely invisible to the homeowner.

The wine cellar cooling system is the most significant feature of a residential home wine cellar design. This one we installed in a home in Sun City, Las Vegas is a good example.

Installation of the evaporator unit, the outside part of the wine cellar cooling system, in Sun City, Las Vegas.

These control systems are specifically engineered for reaching and maintaining the most suitable and ideal wine storage environment. These wine cellar refrigeration systems make sure that the temperature, as well as the humidity in your home wine cellar, are kept between 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and at 70% RH, respectively.

Wine cellar refrigeration units come in varying sizes and cooling capacities. Each specific unit can accommodate the unique requirements of a home or commercial wine cellar. Installing the right wine cellar cooling system will help provide the appropriate storage conditions for your wines for their undisturbed aging.

Just recently, Arctic Metalworks worked with us to complete a Sun City wine cellar cooling system installation project. The neighborhood is located in the northwest part of Las Vegas, in Nevada. It spans 8′ x 8′ and is 30 inches deep.

The area may be small, but this custom home wine cellar design can house up to 392 bottles of wine. This wine enclave with high functionality was just a small arched free living space we converted by teaming up with Arctic Metalworks the manufacturer of the custom refrigeration unit.

Outdoor Line - Wine Cellar Cooling System

Outdoor Line Set Installation of the wine cellar cooling system. Neat, tidy and unobtrusive.

Because of the very limited space for the custom home wine cellar, Arctic Metalworks chose to supply the smallest cooling unit they have — the Arctic 0025 (1/4 HP Split System).

This split system is the most convenient cooling unit because it is the quietest among all of the cooling systems for wine cellars. A split type is composed of two components — an evaporator and a condenser. Since the two components are separated, the installation becomes flexible, and cooling efficiency is increased.

For the Sun City home wine cellar cooling system, the evaporator unit was installed on top of the arched area of the custom wine cellar. The condenser was placed outdoors, and it was connected to the evaporator through the use of a 20-foot line running between the first and second floors.

Wine Cellar Cooling System Grill Cover

The wine cellar cooling system grill cover; making the mechanics of the refrigeration system invisible in the wine cellar.

This Sun City wine cellar cooling system supplied by Arctic Metalworks has a remote controller with LED and a thermostat which will allow the home wine cellar owner to set and closely monitor the storage conditions inside the wine cellar, all this using their own smartphone.

Additionally, the cooling system was encased inside a grill box made of lattice with a cover, which was customized by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas.

This box with a cover hides the machine while at the same time protecting it from external physical and environmental factors. The lattice enclosure was also made out of the same material as the wine racks — both are clean and seamless looking.

Arctic Metalworks is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Las Vegas wine cellar cooling systems in Nevada. They offer yearly maintenance contracts for every cooling unit they install.

Arctic Metalworks and Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas team up to provide better wine cellar cooling systems for Las Vegas homeowners.

For this home wine cellar design project, Arctic visits the residential wine storage space twice a year to clean the condenser, check the refrigerant charge and pressure. They also test the controller for the pump and clear any debris on the condenser located outside the wine storage room.

All these services are part of their standard refrigeration system maintenance plan.

Completed Sun City, Las Vegas, Nevada Custom Wine Cellar Builder Project.

In addition to the Sun City, Las Vegas wine cellar cooling system, the insulation and the vapor barriers are also among the most important parts of a home wine cellar design.

Insulating the wine room walls will help in maintaining the ideal wine storage environment while adding the vapor barriers will prevent moisture from moving out of the room.

The presence of these components in your home wine cellar will let the cooling unit perform more efficiently while preventing it from overheating.

Custom wine racks make the best use of all the space in a good wine cellar design.

For this Sun City, Las Vegas wine cellar cooling system installation project, our contractors applied the insulation, the vapor barriers, and the drywall in the custom home wine cellar, providing our client with a full install and build out. Also, he provided a termination point for the drainage and a power receptacle for the evaporator. We also installed brick panels, made of veneer, to give the wine cellar design a rustic look.

The design and installation of the wine racks Las Vegas manufactured by Ironwine Cellars was completed by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas. The bottom half of the wine room is composed of double-deep racks, with case lots and diamond bins, and a single-slot vertical column for additional wine rack storage. The double-deep configuration was ideal for the wine cellar design because of the very limited space — it increased the bottle capacity of the wine room.

A 3D Design should include all the details of your wine cellar, refrigeration system, custom racking, insulation, lighting, door and more…

The top portion of the wine racks was single-deep storage and display space, with an arched tabletop with high-reveal display rows, for individual bottle opening. On the far sides of both the wine racks are drawers and cabinets for wine glasses and paraphernalia.

Moreover, this home wine cellar design and Las Vegas wine cellar cooling system installation project features flooring made of reclaimed wine barrel and an entry door made of seamless glass.

The flooring was fabricated from retired oak wine barrels. The flooring added a unique aura to the enclave, — no two wine barrel planks are alike. On the other hand, the frame-less glass used as a door simply increased the aesthetics of the entire residential wine cellar design.

Residential wine cellar construction needs careful planning and installation — from the wine cellar design phase until the end of the construction. This is why consulting a wine cellar builder for the right materials and a wine cellar cooling system specialist for the right refrigeration system is important.

Arctic Metalworks is one of the leading specialist manufacturers in Las Vegas of wine cellar cooling systems. They can provide you very quiet and efficient cooling units, as well as provide you with pro-active maintenance and system servicing.

Our team also works with several other suppliers of cooling systems; each is carefully chosen to fit the budget and needs of the homeowner for their installation and design.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas and Arctic Metalworks are one of the most experienced teams when it comes to home wine cellar design in Nevada. From designing to building the wine storage space to supplying wine racks, cellar doors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at +1 (702) 866-9544 to get your project started.