Wine is a Lucrative Business – Invest in a Commercial Wine Cellar in Las Vegas!

Everyone wants to start their own business, but the common challenge for budding entrepreneurs is choosing an industry to venture. Opening a business is always a risk. It’s vital that the chances of succeeding are higher than failing when taking risks. Since 2016, the sales of wine in Nevada has steadily risen and is expected to continue to do so in the next years. This is why wine stores, restaurants, and country clubs all over Las Vegas has invested in building a commercial wine cellar. Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur should take advantage of this and invest in a business that involves wine.  

A client recently contacted us here at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas. This client was an employee for a large company in Nevada for 25 long years. When he retired, he invested his retirement funds in a business. He opened a restaurant that served fusion dishes with influences from Italian, French, and Asian cuisines.  

His restaurant has been doing very well since it opened in June 2017. However, he wanted to explore more ways to boost his sales. Upon observing the trend of his business’ sales records, he noticed that a huge percentage of his returns were from the wines sold.  

According to the Wine Institute, wine sales in Nevada hit a slam-dunk record in 2016 of 238 million cases sold with a retail value of $34.1 billion! Although our client’s restaurant had just opened in mid-2017, he still benefited from this increase in the demand for wine. Entrepreneurial forecasts predict that this rise will steadily continue in the next years. This is why many businesses, especially wine stores, country clubs, and restaurants in Las Vegas, invest in ways to sell wine more effectively. One of the best ways to market wines is by displaying them in an attractive commercial wine cellar.  

Our client also wanted to take advantage of this increase in wine sales in Nevada. That is why he contacted our team to help him build a distinctive commercial wine cellar inside his restaurant.  

Unique Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar Built in a Restaurant in Las Vegas 

Our team has built a plethora of wine storage facilities all over Nevada. Constructing commercial wine cellars have a different set of challenges compared to building residential wine rooms. Commercial wine storage systems are, generally, bigger and can accommodate more bottles. Commercial wine cellars are also accessed more frequently than residential rooms. Moreover, there is more pressure to make a commercial wine cellar aesthetically appealing because it needs to attract a large amount of customers in order to sell its displayed wines.  

To match the style and existing decors of the client’s restaurant, our team created a contemporary design for his commercial wine cellar. Our designed produced 3D sketches and presented them to the client. As soon as the client approved the drawings, our team began the construction.  

Distinctive Style for the Restaurant’s Contemporary Wine Cellar Using Glass and Metal Elements 

Commercial wine cellar innovation can be difficult for some builders because it is quite challenging to create a distinctive design for each client. The general trend for those who want a traditional style cellar is to use wooden materials. For modern wine rooms, either glass or metal is used. In this Las Vegas project, the client wanted us to use a combination of both glass and metal materials to achieve a unique contemporary look.  

The restaurant wine cellar was built to be 7-feet wide and 10-feet tall. All three of its walls were made of dual pane glass. Glass walls are ideal for commercial cellars because customers can view the wines inside and choose a bottle without having to open the storage facility. The client can impress his customers by featuring his finest labels and flaunt them on full display.  

We installed steel displays for the racking in this contemporary commercial wine cellar. The metal racks we used were from by VintageView, which is one of the leading metal display manufacturers in Nevada. All the metal racks were applied with a black satin finish. Our team used floor to ceiling frames to mount the racks. Single, double, and triple depth horizontal racks were secured to the floor to ceiling frames. After all the racking systems were installed, the client’s commercial wine cellar could house approximately 1,100 bottles. 

Ducted Self-Contained Air Handler Installed in the Commercial Wine Cellar in Las Vegas 

It can be a challenge to maintain commercial wine storage temperature, mainly because there are a lot more factors in a public setup that can cause the climate conditions inside the cellar to fluctuate. Commercial wine cellars require a robust HVAC equipment that can consistently keep the temperature and humidity inside within the ideal ranges. Our refrigeration expert installed a dependable ducted self-contained air handler in this cellar. It was mounted 20-feet up from the cellar itself.  

Start a Wine Business in Las Vegas – Invest in a Commercial Wine Cellar! 

Starting any kind of business is always a risk. If you’re going to take your chances on a product, you want to make sure that it has a high probability of succeeding. Based on the wine sales in Nevada these past few years, you know you can’t go wrong with wine. Start a business that involves wine. It can be a wine store, a restaurant, or a country club. Include in your planning the construction of a commercial wine cellar. We can help you create a design for your commercial wine cellar that can increase your chances of attracting customers to your business. Call us Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas today, and we’ll give you a 3D wine cellar design drawn for FREE! +1 (702) 866-9544!