Custom Wine Cellars – Excellent Work in Newport Beach Nevada by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas in Newport Beach Nevada and the Wine Cellar Design 

Wine Cellar Designed by Wine Cellar Contractors in Nevada

Nevada Wine Cellar Designed by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas

The internal structure of a climate controlled wine cellar space requires detailed design planning and careful construction in order to create an environment that is ideal for cellaring wines.  Functional and stylish are two common characteristics found in most modern residential wine enclaves.  They are not only designed to facilitate the proper aging of wine collectibles but also to reflect the wine lifestyle of the collector.

The construction of a residential wine room is a collaborative endeavor between wine cellar contractors and their clients.  At this stage of the project, materials for various wine cellar components, such as the entry door, flooring, and racking systems, are meticulously selected to provide the required performance, as well as add to the aesthetic appeal of the custom wine cellar design.

Custom Wine Cellar Newport Coast Beach Nevada

Custom Wine Cellar in Newport Beach, Nevada

This newly installed residential wine cellar in Newport Beach, Nevada is a picture of a well-designed dedicated custom wine room.  Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas converted a large storage room into a wine cellar space that can accommodate a total of 1692 wine bottles and constructed it in a way that enhanced the brick veneer walls and ceiling of the living space.


Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks – Work by Wine Cellar Contractors

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas and Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed half-diamond bins and diamond cubes on the wall directly across from the glass entrance.  These storage solutions have huge openings that face the back wall and provide excellent visibility to the gorgeous brick veneer wall surface.  A tabletop with a herringbone pattern backdrop adds a tasteful visual appeal to this residential wine room.

Wine cellar contractors also installed individual bottle racking with a high reveal display row.  High reveal wine displays with LED lighting are ideal for highlighting favorite bottles of wine.  Label forward display racks were placed right next to the glass walls for added visual impact.  Additional horizontal wine storage racks were provided to accommodate large format wine bottles.

Wine Barrel Flooring and Wine Cellar Doors 

Barrel stave wine barrel flooring gave the wine cellar space a look that is a cut above the rest.  Reclaimed Napa Valley wine barrel flooring brings a sense of wine country to this elegant residential wine room.  Wine barrel flooring from barrel staves displays beautiful markings that come from removed metal rings.  Barrel staves make up the side part of the wine barrel, which is held in place by steel hoops.

Wine Cellar Doors and Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Cellar Doors and Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine cellar doors are essential to maintaining the ideal climate conditions as they seal the entrance to the wine enclave.  The interior of this wine storage space is visible from the outside, through the Herculite glass walls and entry door.  Wine cellar doors constructed in Herculite glass offer a clear glimpse into the wine room.  Herculite wine cellar doors can endure heavy impact because they are made from a thick glass material.

Since the wine storage space is to be actively cooled, Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas teamed up with the refrigeration gurus of Southern Nevada: Arctic Metalworks.  Arctic manufactured and installed a split system, in order to create a storage environment that is free from fan noise and warm exhaust.  The unit is split into two units, wherein the evaporator is placed inside the wine room and the condenser is installed outside or in a remote area.

Arctic Metalworks mounted the evaporator unit within the racking frame and concealed it with an operable louvered grill cover.  The louvered panel is crafted from the same wood variety as the wine racking to create a clean, smooth appearance.