Custom Wine Cellars for Storage and Displays in Las Vegas, Nevada, Designs That Work – Stunning Homes and Practical Solutions

We Build Custom Wine Cellars Designed for Proper Wine Storage and Beautiful Wine Displays

A true wine lover knows that it isn’t enough to simply fill your fridge with a few bottles of wine. A true wine lover knows that it is very important to invest in a good wine storage room. A good wine storage area is where a wine collector has a place to display their collection and share it with others. Since the wine collection and the wine storage room will be flaunted to guests, it is also very important that it is well built and well designed. This is why some wine aficionados hire professionals to design and build their custom wine cellars.

Here are a Few Ideas for Custom Wine Cellars in Las Vegas:

1. Try Built-In Wine Racks

Store your wine collection in built-in custom wine racking. Built-in wine racks can store hundreds of wine bottles at a time. You also have the option to keep your wine in individual cubicles or have them rest horizontally so that the wine bottle labels are visible to your guests.

2. Walk-In Custom Wine Cellars are Awesome!

It is a great idea to have a walk-in custom wine cellar in Nevada. Having one assures that the homeowner really has granted a special place for his wines in his house. It is always best to have a custom wine cellar professional design and build your wine cellar. It is important that it is well-made so that your wines are stored properly.

How your wines are stored will largely affect how they will age and how they will taste.

If you have adequate space available, have your wine cellar built with high ceilings and well-furnished wine racking. It would be classy to have dining tables and chairs beside your wine cellar room in Las Vegas, NV so that your guests can sit down and enjoy a few of the wines in your collection.

3. Maximize Space!

If you do not have enough space to build a walk-in custom wine cellar in NV, there are other options available that will maximize your space. Limited space is not a problem if you use a table-top wine rack for storing your wine bottles. Tabletop wine racks can hold up to ten bottles at a time. Some are made small enough to fit on a bar or countertop. You may even store them in a cupboard.

For small spaces, we recommend metal wine racks because of their design and installation flexibility. They can fit in the tiny nooks of a room, and you may opt for racking designed for wall-mount installation to eliminate the use of floor space.

Regardless of what wine storage style or design you choose, make sure that the right conditions are provided so that your wines age tastefully.

Make creative use of an old and boring under-the-stairs coat closet by turning it into a stunning under-stair custom wine cellar.

Humidity and temperature should be in their ideal ranges. Exposure to ultraviolet light should also be avoided, and vibration should be prevented as well. For more ideas on wine storage, try visiting Wine Cellars by Coastal. They have a few of the most durable, beautiful, and cost-effective wine cellars and wine racks in Nevada.

4. Under-stair Custom Wine Cellars

Zealous wine collectors know a thing or two about aging wines. While many of them are sticking with “full dedicated room-sized” wine cellars when stocking their wines, an increasing number of wine devotees are taking a more practical spin on racking design in ways that are needed in modern contemporary homes where spare rooms are a luxury of the past.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas refer to them as the ‘Wine Cellar Under the Stairs’ trend. For any casual wine enthusiast, the drive as to why anyone might need to build a wine cellar under a staircase seems to be odd, at best. After all, with such a limited space to move around in, how can any wine cellar designer hope to fit in a series of custom wine racks?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple: it is good, old-fashioned human imagination at work. Lots of clients feel that their homes can deliver a more functional purpose, and one of the more effective ways they can certainly prove that is by building a refrigerated wine cellar right into their stairway!

We Build  Custom Wine Cellars Designed to Serve as a Functional Wine Storage and Display Room

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has Completed Award-Winning Projects

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has Completed Award-Winning Projects

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building custom wine cellars. We collaborate with top-notch builders like Wine Cellars by Coastal, providing innovative wine storage solutions for residential and commercial applications. We have constructed refrigerated wine rooms equipped with stylish and functional features.

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