Custom Wine Cellars in Nevada & Different Wine Storage Solutions

Custom wine cellars in Las Vegas Nevada provide a safe haven for wines of different kinds to rest and mature. Custom wine cellars that are beautifully designed, properly built, and installed with a quality wine cellar cooling unit can provide the necessary conditions for wines to age properly. There are other ways to store wine besides custom wine cellars in Nevada. Learn more about another means of storing wines by reading through this article.

Wine Refrigerators in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wine refrigerators, or, wine chillers, are another option for storing wines. Wine fridges are free-standing units that can store wines at specific temperature settings. Depending on what kind of wine you’re storing, the ideal temperature is usually between 45 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine refrigerators in Nevada come in various bottle-capacities, as well as sizes and styles.

Advantages of Using a Wine Refrigerator in Nevada

Wine refrigerators are one of the best places to store wine. They are best for those who are just starting a wine collection. Wine fridges are great because they offer a compact storage system and provide a consistent temperature level. Wine chillers in Nevada are also ideal because they allow bottles to be stored on their sides, and protect them from exposure to light.

Disadvantages of Using a Wine Refrigerator in Las Vegas

Wine refrigerators in NV are not ideal for long term wine storage. In fact, storing wines in a wine fridge for a long time might risk damaging them. Generally, wine fridges are not configured to efficiently control humidity levels. Typically, wine fridges are able to maintain a relative humidity of 30%. Long term wine aging requires an ideal humidity level of 60% to 70%.

Maintaining humidity in the ideal level is very important, especially for long term wine storage, because corks will shrink when the environment is too dry. When corks shrink, air can enter the wine bottle, and oxidation might occur. Oxidation causes wine to taste rusty.

For those who are concerned about the capacity of wine refrigerators to control humidity levels, it is best if you consider looking into wine cabinets in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wine storage cabinets are more efficient in controlling both temperature and humidity.

If you really are looking into long term wine storage, residential custom wine cellars in Las Vegas, Nevada are the best option for you. Not only are they good for long term storage, but they can also accommodate more wine bottles than wine refrigerators and wine cabinets. Think about how many wines you intend to store initially so that you can choose the right storage solution for you.

2 Types of Wine Refrigerator Cooling Systems

There are actually two types of cooling systems used in wine refrigeration units in Las Vegas, NV and these are:

1.       The Vapor Compression System. This cooling system is the same system that is used in many standard refrigerators.

2.       Thermoelectric System. This is the most energy-efficient type of cooling system. It works best in homes that are not warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Wines that do not require temperatures cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit can be stored in wine fridges that use this cooling system.