This Beautiful Las Vegas Home Wine Cellar Design Will Impress You

Impressive Home Wine Cellar Design by Las Vegas Experts

Impressive Home Wine Cellar Design by Las Vegas Experts

Wines should be stored in a structure that can provide the right temperature and humidity for aging. A good wine room should also be beautifully designed because it will serve as a display area for prized collections. 

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, a leading contractor based in Nevada, recently completed a construction project in Nevada. Their team of wine storage experts created a Las Vegas home wine cellar design featuring various sizes of bottle openings and a beautiful door. They made sure the wine room was highly capable of providing the tightly sealed space that wines need. The wine cellar specialists also made sure that they constructed the room according to the client’s personal style and preference. 

Distinctive Las Vegas Home Wine Cellar Design by Master Builders 

Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars has successfully finished the construction of a beautiful residential wine cellar in Las Vegas. The client’s custom storage room has a very unique design because it was built to accommodate wine bottles of varying sizes and shapes.

Unique Racks and Custom Displays for Larger Wine Bottles

The client in this project wanted his wine cellar to store not only wine but also other types of liquor. He intended to have a space in the room allocated for his Bourbon collection. To meet this requirement, the construction team from Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars added open bins on the cellar’s right side. This area was reserved for beverages other than wine.

The client wanted the home cellar to have a space for his Bourbon collection.

On the left side of the custom wine cellar, a display row was built for large format bottles. The builders designed them with label-forward shelves so that the bottles are conveniently cradled in the racks. These spaces can fit an assortment of bottle sizes, anywhere from 1.5-liter to 12-liter wines. Both the left and the right sides of the cellar have spaces allocated for magnum-sized bottles. The wine racking in this Las Vegas residential cellar is ideal for homeowners who love collecting wines of various bottle sizes.

The builders from Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars created label-forward displays where bottles can safely be cradled on shelves. These racks can hold a variety of wines, anywhere from 1.5-liter to 12-liter bottles.

Above the home wine cellar’s tabletop area is a beautiful arch. Instead of a visible stemware rack, the arch has an inset on both its left and right sides. Wine glasses can be hung upside down in these inset spaces. A maximum of four wine glasses can be accommodated on each side. Below the tabletop area is a set of drawers, which are used by the client to store his wine tasting essentials, like napkins and corkscrews.

Besides the racking and the shelves, another aspect that makes this home wine cellar stand out is its gorgeous lighting. Aside from the rich and colorful lights throughout the room, concealed lighting elegantly adds an accent and makes the displays gracefully pop out.

The project was successful mainly because the client and the builder had a very healthy working relationship. From the start, there was proper planning and good communication between them. Since the client’s house was close to the office of Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars, the storage specialists were conveniently able to visit the area before the work commenced. The experts were able to take accurate measurements of the room, discuss with the client all their options, present multiple wood finish samples, etc. From the beginning of the construction until the completion of the wine cellar, all of the client’s needs and preferences were met accordingly.

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A Stunning Arched Wrought Iron Home Wine Cellar Door

A residential wine cellar door plays a vital role in keeping the room airtight. A low-quality door can destructively alter the temperature and humidity balance inside a cellar. It should be equipped with sealing components like weather stripping. Glass doors must be made with

But besides its function, a door should also be well-designed. How a door is built can contribute positively or negatively to the whole aesthetics of a storage structure. Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars designed the custom wine cellar door to match the style of the wine room and meet the client’s preference.

Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars built and installed a beautiful wrought iron door that was intricately designed with grape clusters and vines.

The cellar door was made of wrought iron with meticulously created design details of grape clusters and vines. The door is approximately eighty inches in height, and it has a fabulous arch or radius top. The design is called “The Huntington.” It was originally conceptualized and drawn by one of Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars’ previous clients from Huntington Beach. Many other clients like the design, and that is why it has been used several times in various other wine rooms.

Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars is known for its many options of wine room doors. Clients can choose from their wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles of doors. Their service encompasses everything, including casement moldings, dual pane glass, weather stripping, jamb, and self-sealing door bottom.

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Let Our Experts Create an Exceptional Las Vegas Home Wine Cellar Design for Your Collection 

Work with Our Top-Notch Las Vegas Home Wine Cellar Designers

Work with Our Top-Notch Las Vegas Home Wine Cellar Designers

Wine is an investment, and it has to be protected by providing it with the right storage structure that can keep it safe from damage. The most dependable wine rooms are those built by experts.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is one of the most trusted contractors in Nevada. They have more than a decade of experience in creating efficient and effective wine storage spaces and are well-known for consistently providing high-quality services and meeting their customer’s utmost satisfaction.

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