A Luxury Walk in Closet Built to Match Your Lifestyle for Your Las Vegas Home

Coming home and finally changing into your sleepwear, ready to relax and lounge in your pajamas is one of the best feelings in the world. After a long and tiring day from work, you deserve the comfort of your own home. This is how Closets Las Vegas defines luxury- a design that offers you tranquility in an aesthetically pleasing package.  

A Master Closet Design with A Personal Touch 

Closets Las Vegas worked with a builder client for this $750,000 model home. Both shared the same vision of building a luxury walk-in closet: minimal yet sophisticated and fully functional. As per the company’s philosophy, they made sure every part of the room is measured precisely, and every part is installed perfectly. 

How Working with A Top Luxury Walk-in Closet Builder Makes A Difference 

“Build every closet as if it’s my own.” The Closets Las Vegas team works with this philosophy in mind, making each project carefully thought out- with design and functionality in mind. If you work with the right company, expect longevity, precision, and top-notch products.  

This model home project showcased exactly that:  

A Luxury Walk-in Closet with Long Hang and Double Hang Shelves 

Combining both freedomRail and Classica product lines, this closet has it all! From the glass swing door, you can see three columns of 84-inch-high in long-hang shelves to show off your clothes. When you turn on the right, there are four panels of double-hang shelves with two top shelves. To give you more storage, a five-row corner shelf is added between these two cabinets. Both shelves also proudly show off their Cypress live finish for a clean and luxurious look.

Lighting to Match Your Luxury Walk-in Closet 

The team placed a 12-volt lighting system in the walkway and the ceiling to brighten the walkway and ceiling. The warm white shade perfectly complements the Classica shelves and wooden flooring.  

No more looking for your shoes in the dark. Another feature is the interconnected lighting system of the shoe rack. Recessed lighting bars are installed in the shoe rack, which contains system holes for adjustment.  

That’s not all. This lighting system is operated by remote control for a six-channel receiver for your convenience.  

Luxury Shoe Rack to Show Off Your Collection 

Picking which shoes to match your outfit will never be an ordinary experience. This luxury shoe rack design features a 30-inch wide walkway to properly show off your collection. It runs from the floor to the ceiling, with each rack slanted for accessibility, resting in five columns that extends to 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep per shelf. An added feature is the plexo glass fences to make sure your shoes stay in place! 

Other Ways to Transform Your Home into A Luxury Home

One of the best ways to upgrade into a luxury home is building a wine cellar. It simultaneously lets you protect your wines as well as a space for you to entertain your guests. From traditional design, glass framed, or commercial wooden style, you have plenty of options to match the rest of the house.  

If you’re looking for wine cellar organization and storage, Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas has your back. Contact us and let’s start planning! 

Work with The Most Trusted Luxury Walk-in Closet Builder: Closets Las Vegas  

When it comes to designing your home, invest with the company that has your best interests at heart. Your home is where you spend your time the most, don’t settle for sub-standard performance. For your custom closet needs, Closets Las Vegas is your best bet. Working in the closet business for several years, 7,500 homeowners can vouch for their performance. With their time-tested process, your dream of building your luxury walk-in closet is within reach. Build your home with Closets Las Vegas! Visit our showroom or contact us to design your dream closet.