Modern Glass Wine Closets: Your Solution to That Unused Cabinet

Wine collectors invest plenty of time and money into growing their collections, and this effort should also be reflected in the kind of wine cellar they have. While traditional wooden wine storage solutions essentially create a very snug ambiance, modern glass wine closets are also a practical and stylish way to showcase and preserve wines. With incredible, polished finishes, these contemporary custom wine cellars provide the quintessential space for storing and displaying your favorite vin du pays and sentimental vin ordinaires.  

In a luxurious brand-new home, a client requested to have one of their large cabinets converted into a proper wine storage area.  Steve Pantalemon, a long-term wine cellar expert who has created dozens of exceptional wine cellars in Las Vegas, was tapped to conceptualize and build this wine cellar from the ground up. With a particular focus on modern design, this exceptional custom wine closet consisted of metal racking, wooden racking frames coated in walnut lacquer, framed glass doors, an RMD 6600 ducted wine cellar cooling system, and many other functional (yet stylish) details!  

Take a closer look at the features of this modern wine cellar below! 

Creatively Converting This Cabinet into a Modern Glass Wine Closet 

Owning modern glass wine cellars is continuously becoming a signature project among many wine collectors and enthusiasts. No matter the size of your space – be it an entire garage or a small spare cabinet in your pantry – the right wine cellar expert will always find the best design resonant to your preferences and the most suitable way to make the project happen.  

For this client, Our Custom Wine Cellar team proposed a very sleek modern design made of glass panels to allow a full view of their collection. From plain green cabinets, this modern wine room now contains hotel-standard storage racks that fit 440 bottles, a magnum display area, two reveal rows, horizontal display racks, and a dedicated area for case storage.  


The Essential Magic of Combining Wooden and Metal Elements in a Modern Space 

Racking in framed glass wine closets can be customized with a wide range of finishes to choose from, like the walnut lacquer you see in the hardwood part of this cellar’s racking. Wooden rack frames were integrated with metal rods to create a unique storage design that’s modern and sophisticated at the same time.  

Hardwood and metal are high-quality materials that can stand firm against the weight of your wine bottles. The racks were also customized to be adjustable, allowing the clients to easily modify the storage design according to their needs in the future. 

Even with a walnut lacquer finish, you can still adjust the shade so it complements your home’s overall palette. In this project, the resulting finish was very glossy and smooth, giving a good impression to everyone who sees the display.  

Creating an Optimum Environment with The Right Cooling System 

The fundamentals in creating a proper wine storage room always include keeping the unit at the right temperature and maintaining stable humidity. To primarily control this wine closet’s conditions, we used the RMD 6600 from US Cellar Systems. This powerful cooling system is a ducted system that fits well in areas where there is ample ceiling space for the ducts to run through. It’s top-of-the-line in wine cellar temperature control and is self-contained, which means that the placement of this unit is very versatile.  

A six-line set was used for this modern glass wine closet, and everything was professionally hidden behind a robust, insulated inner wall.  

The RMD 6600 also operates quietly, facilitates even air circulation, is low maintenance, and is energy efficient. This means it helps keep your energy costs relatively low without sacrificing the integrity of your wine cellar.  

Custom Wine Cellar Glass Doors Made by the Experts 

While the RMD 6600 is a powerful, highly durable cooling unit, it still needs the support of insulation and proper sealing to stabilize the room’s conditions. Without the right insulators, the temperature will most likely fluctuate, depending on the conditions outside the cellar.  

Wine cellar doors are crucial components in this entire mechanism. They not only serve as the main entryway to the collection but also play an essential role in keeping the temperature and humidity steady. 

In this home’s modern glass wine cellar door, 1” dual-paned tempered glass was used to secure the interior environment. Tempered glass is also more durable than regular glass and is more resistant to condensation or moisture formation. The glass helps keep the cellar within 50-55° F and presents unobstructed visibility into the wine display.  


The client also preferred a framed glass door, where the frame is made from stainless steel and finished with a matte black coating. This combination gives it a very “Millsime” vibe. To further prevent air leakage and keep the conditions constant, we also installed weather stripping around the glass door. 

Start Your Wine Cellar Dreams with the Custom Wine Cellar Team! 

Experience the charm of bespoke wine storage units. These expertly crafted spaces integrate contemporary design with cutting-edge utility, making your wine cellar an investment you can pass on to future generations.  

Steve Pantalemon and our skilled team at Custom Wine Cellar will be happy to assist you in building your custom wine room, be it a traditional wine cellar or a modern glass wine closet.  

Create a sophisticated sanctuary for your wines and let them age beautifully with a correctly built wine cellar!  

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