January is National Get Organized Month – And Here’s How to Get Past Your First Hurdle

January kicks in, which means it’s National Get Organized Month. There may still be traces of festive feeling after a season of merry-making but you know it is time to tidy up and re-organize. The time is fitting since a new year ushers in a fresh new start. But let’s face it. A new year home organization project is easier in your imagination.  

As you create your list of changes, make organizing your life a New Year’s resolution. Start with the basics. Remember how you accomplished your National Get Organized Month in 2019. If you’re taking a look around your home and still wondering where to begin, we’d like to offer a few tips to help you set the wheels in motion.

Begin Your National Get Organized Month this January with a Set of Goals  

A sheer set of goals guarantees results. This will help give clarity in what you would like to accomplish and how you can accomplish them. Run a straightforward list of instructions in your mind, just like the following:  

Take a good look around 

Scan your surroundings – every room, closet, cabinets, etc. – and make an audit of the things you would like to get in order. Performing this check will let you see which areas need work and which areas can be left as is. Simply write down the status of each space and give them your own rating system.  

For example: 

#1 Living room – Needs help!  

#2 Bedroom – Tackle next  

#3 Kitchen – I can live with this for a while 

And so on. You will have a busy yet fun January observing the National Get Organized Month if you know which one to prioritize. Tackle the issue one at a time and avoid piling up everything in front of you. If you realize that a major home organization is required, Closets Las Vegas can help you with building additional storage or closets! 

January 2020’s National Get Organized Month is for the most chaotic area of your home 

In terms of new year home organization or even home organization in general, there’s always that one spot in your house that takes the backseat. You tend to put the dreaded kitchen drawer on hold and hope to get to it some other day. However, we suggest starting with the most chaotic spot for two reasons: 

  • Putting the problem off may cause you to procrastinate on organizing the other rooms more. You know these areas are what you should be focusing on first but find it too hard to start with. But think about it: working on the most chaotic spaces removes the mental roadblock that keeps you from getting to the rest of the rooms. 
  • Starting with the hardest part is exhilarating and it motivates you to carry on down to the last spot. 

Going through the tasks systematically will help you make the most out of National Get Organized Month. You will have a sense of fulfillment after each step or quest, and you will be inspired to move on to bigger tasks that you layout for yourself for the rest of the year! 

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! 

Keep in mind that the new year home organization is a process with a timeframe. It does not conclude in a day. Patience and determination are the keys to a successful National Get Organized Month!  You can give yourself a pat in the back after a series of hard work. Then, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This would be a great time to celebrate and start planning out your next projects.  

There are things around the house that you can do on your own, and there are things that you need professional help with. Sometimes, you need to add a closet or two; sometimes, you need to remodel your kitchen. The thought of setting up a wine cellar is also a great idea if your wines are already piling up in your bar.  

Such a huge home organization concept needs the assistance of an expert. Closets Las Vegas boasts of a team of experienced and skilled craftsmen. It would be best to leave this project with the premier closet builder that guarantees great work and top-notch product lines. 

Clear the Air, Destress, Get Organized!  

The National Get Organized Month happens in January of every year and it’s inevitable. Some people can handle it gracefully, while you may be having a hard time. Studies show that clutter at home or at work is a cause of increased stress and anxiety. This occurs not only in January but all-year-round. You do not have to deal with these negative feelings if you organize your steps first to get things in order.  

Once your new year home organization plan is executed and completed, it will be easier to relax and focus on the important things in your life. Start with the small things, such as cabinets and closets and move on to bigger spaces, such as the wine cellar or walk-in closet. 

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