US Cellar Systems Introduces New Expansion Valve with Performance and Installation Advantages

The following is a transcript of the recent video by Nevada based US Cellar Systems, introducing the latest innovation in the LRC’s expansion valve. The video is narrated by Dan Phillips, the owner of this highly regarded wine cellar manufacturer. This new externally equalized valve demonstrates a great new innovation in wine cellar refrigeration system technology:

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Technical Update – New LRC Expansion Valve Saves Time and Effort


“Hello. Today we’re going to be talking about the expansion valve in the LRC coils and how to adjust them. A new item LRC has offered is on all the coils they’ve gone to an externally equalized expansion valve. This should give us better performance on the systems.

Installation of LRC System

Installation of LRC Valve in Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System“When you’re installing an LRC system I would always recommend in the suction line, add a T with an access shrader so that you can measure your evaporator coil pressure at the evaporator, instead of having to go all the way out to the condensing unit to look at your gauges each time you make an adjustment.

Adjusting the Pressure of the Expansion Valve in Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

A Nut Driver or Ratchet Will Help When Adjusting Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System“Now the expansion valve mounted inside looks almost like a pressure regulator. When you are adjusting the pressure you’ll need a 3/8” nut driver or a ratchet and a 3/8” socket. You adjust it by turning the head on the top of the regulator. To increase pressure you turn clockwise. To decrease pressure you would turn counter-clockwise.

“Remember to make small adjustments. And never go all the way in with the adjustment. If you go too far in you can damage the bellows and then the expansion valve will no longer adjust. Thank you.

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Note to Reader

US Cellar Systems (Logo)All LRC expansion valves can be used as a component on all US Cellar System series wine cellar refrigeration systems except for the CC series. Call us today for customer or technical support on your system to see how we can help improve the quality of your wine cellar.

US Cellar Systems are based in Los Angeles and are (as far as we know) the only trade only wholesaler supplier of complete wine cellar refrigeration systems in the U.S.

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