Effective Anti-Aging Compound Discovered in Wine!

Shocked when you saw wrinkles on your face?Click for a larger view of the image!GAAAAH!!! — You woke up this morning and the first thing you noticed in the mirror is that you have crow’s feet. Those wrinkles on the side of your eyes are a screaming reminder that you’re aging – fast!!! What do you do? Should you rush to the grocery for anti-aging ointments? Should you Google for anti-wrinkle creams? Should you buy all of the products that promise to help you halt time? Well, here’s the good news: the secret to stopping the effects of age could be in your house all this time – wine!Click for a larger image!

Get rid of those wrinkles quick!

Wine is the Secret to Slowing Down the Aging Process

Click for a larger image!Centuries ago, explorers went to the ends of the world to look for the fountain of youth. Most of us have imagined what this spring of life could have looked like — perhaps a glistening water spout or a fount of magical water. But, what if this source of eternal youth was simply an unlimited flow of fine wine?

Wine as the secret to anti-aging? Really? – Yes, really!

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But, before you bring any alcoholic gene to life, it’s important to answer these two questions first: What is in wine that causes youthfulness? How much wine do you need to enjoy this anti-aging benefits?

1. The Anti-Aging Component of Wine

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The compound called resveratrol is the key component in red wine that has many anti-aging effects on the human body.

It’s called resveratrol. It’s a natural compound found in red wine. It is also found in the seeds, stems, and skins of grapes. Resveratrol is a type of antioxidant called polyphenols. Antioxidants are nature’s soldiers that destroy harmful free radicals in your body. Resveratrol stimulates the production of sirtuin, which is an enzyme that promotes the repair of DNA and helps regenerate damaged cells.

Scientific Study on the Effects of Resveratrol

The compound called resveratrol is the key component in red wine that has many anti-aging effects on the human body.It was in 2003 that David Sinclair, Ph.D., a biologist and professor of Genetics, together with his colleagues, discovered that resveratrol effectively counteracted the harmful effects of overeating in mice. The compound consequently cut the risk of early death among the study subjects by 31 percent.

Sinclair and his team placed mice on a high-fat diet and gave them concentrated doses of resveratrol daily. The result was that although the mice grew fat, their livers remained healthy. The livers of the mice that were on the same type of diet without resveratrol intake became bloated with fat.

The compound called resveratrol is the key component in red wine that has many anti-aging effects on the human body.

The researchers also observed that resveratrol prevented the levels of blood sugar and insulin from increasing. The compound had blocked many other negative effects that are associated with a high-calorie diet.

The liver filters the blood from cell metabolism wastes and other harmful substances that contribute to aging. A cleaner bloodstream helps keep you healthy and promotes a more youthful appearance. The study that Sinclair and his group conducted showed that resveratrol could keep your liver functioning optimally, so that you can enjoy being more young and healthy.

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More than just a beverage, wine holds the secret to being forever young – or at least staying younger longer!

Okay, so now that we know the effects on mice. How about on humans?

We have the scientists at the Scripps Research Institute to thank! This group of researchers found that resveratrol has the same effects on the human body as it has on animals. More specifically, resveratrol mimics a naturally occurring compound in the body that helps limit stress and prevents cell damage.

The following are the enumerated benefits of resveratrol to the human body:

  1. Promotes healthy skin with a youthful glow.
  2. Reduces the risk of developing pre-cancerous skin lesions.
  3. Decreases the risk of developing diabetes.
  4. Lowers chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Helps keep your brain active and alert even during old age.
  6. Improves your blood circulation.

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2. Moderate Drinking of Wine is Key to Reaping Health Benefits

When you read that wine helps stop aging, you probably jumped off your seat and thought of how to consume as many bottles as you can.


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Although wine has many health benefits, it’s important to consume it moderately. A glass or two a day is enough for you to enjoy the anti-aging gifts of red wine.

There’s more harm than good when you consume more wine than what is recommended. The researches who studied the relationship between wine and the aging process also have found out you only need a small amount to reap benefits. Therefore, drink moderately!

Moderate consumption of wine means a glass or two of red a day, and not more than that. To be exact, you are allowed to take approximately 5 to 10 oz of wine daily to receive its anti-aging effects. (Although I wouldn’t mind drinking more than that amount once in a while – like at a party or when going out with friends). But, always keep in mind to drink responsibly.

How to Begin Your Red Wine Journey to the Fountain of Youth?

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Start your own wine collection today. Make sure to keep your bottles safely in a proper storage area, like a custom cellar, so that you have quick access to your wine.

Click photo for a larger version of the image!Knowing that you need a moderate consumption of red wine daily, you need to have easy access to the vino. For starters, you can begin your own collection of wine. And, to preserve the quality of your bottles, you need to make sure that you store them in the right conditions. If you have ten bottles of red or less in your collection, a wine cabinet or a wine fridge will do. But, if you want to anticipate a continual growth in the number of bottles you have, you can also have a wine cellar built in your home.

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Talk to an expert wine cellar builder, so that you can be sure that your wine room can provide the storage requirements of your collection. Our team of specialist at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is more than ready to assist you in planning for your residential wine room! Contact us today for a FREE 3D design! Click here!