Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design and Construction Project in Las Vegas, Nevada

Residential custom wine cellar designed and constructed by Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ideally, a wine room must not only be functional and durable but also aesthetically appealing.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, one of the leading construction companies in Nevada, recently designed a unique and beautiful storage structure for a client in Las Vegas.

The contractors made sure that the cellar was built to effectively provide the tightly sealed space that wines need.

Moreover, the details of the storage room’s design were meticulously attended to, so that the client’s style preferences could be met. 

Home Wine Room Construction Project by Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars

Check out the stunning display row lighting incorporated into the custom wine racks in this cellar.

Recently, we completed this wine cellar design and construction project for a client in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The client wanted the storage expert to build him a wine room that could accommodate bottles of various sizes, as well as beverages other than wine.

He also had specific design preferences that he wanted the builder to include in the construction.

Unique Racks and Distinctly Elegant Wine Displays

The client in this Las Vegas project had a very unique wine cellar design concept in mind.

Instead of keeping wines exclusively, he wanted his storage room to have an area where he could display his Bourbon collection.

To meet this request, the wine cellar construction experts added open bins on the wine cellar’s right side. These bins are where the client keeps liquors.

Besides wine, the client had an area built in his cellar where he could display other types of beverages.

The client’s Bourbon collection featured in the wine cellar display.

The contractors built a display row on the left side of the residential wine room, and it was designed to accommodate large format bottles.

The team of builders also created label-forward display spaces, so that wine bottles can be safely cradled in a shelf. These uniquely designed shelves can fit a variety of large sized wines, anywhere from 1.5-liter to 12-liter bottles.

Our construction team also included shelves on both the left and the right side of the cellar that were specifically made for magnum-sized bottles. The style of the racking and shelving in this Las Vegas cellar is ideal for wine enthusiasts who enjoy collecting an assortment of wine bottles.

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Single bottle storage, “X” bin bulk storage, label forward displays combine to make a stunning custom wine cellar. Design and construction go hand in hand.

Every detail of the wine cellar design was successfully built because of the collaborative effort between the client and the contractors.

This one-of-a-kind wine cellar has a convenient tabletop area with an elegant arch above it. The arch display is unique because instead of a visible stemware rack, it has inset spaces on both its left and right sides.

Wine glasses can be hung upside down, by their bases, in each side. Each of the inset spaces can accommodate up to four glasses. Below the tabletop is a set of drawers where the client keeps wine tasting accouterments, such as napkins and corkscrews.

One of the features that make the Las Vegas home wine cellar stand out is its gorgeous lighting system. The entire storage room is well lit with rich and vibrant colors. It also has a concealed lighting setup, which makes the wine displays look more stylish and sophisticated.

The team of expert builders from Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas had a very healthy working relationship with the client, and this is why the project was a success. The client’s house was near Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas’s main office, and the proximity allowed the storage specialists to visit the area more conveniently.

Before the project commenced, the contractors visited the site to take accurate measurements of the room, discuss with the client his various options and present an assortment of wooden finish samples, etc. The team, together with the client, planned the construction thoroughly and kept open their communication lines. As a result, every detail of the client’s needs and preferences were met. The client was very satisfied with the services that he received.

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High-grade door with dual pane glass.

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Gorgeous Wine Cellar Door with a Stellar Radius Top

A well-built wine cellar door is a vital aspect of an ideal custom storage room. It is mainly responsible for keeping the structure tightly sealed. Besides its functionality, a door is also essential because it contributes to a cellar’s aesthetic value.

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The Huntington is a design originally drawn by a client’s own original sketch. If you can sketch it, we can build it!

A beautifully designed door can make your residential wine cellar look more attractive. On the Las Vegas wine storage construction project, a cellar door was custom-designed to meet the client’s preferences and match the room’s overall style.

A uniquely built wrought iron door was installed in this project. It stood approximately eighty inches in height with a stunning arch or radius top.

The door had ornate details of grapes and vines on it. The design is called “The Huntington,” because it was originally drawn by a previous client in Huntington Beach.

Many other clients loved the design and had requested it for their home wine cellars as well.

Las Vegas Custom Wine Cellars is well-known for its beautiful custom-designed cellar doors. They offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of wine room doors. Their installation services include everything, including the weather stripping, casement moldings, dual pane glass, jamb, and self-sealing door bottom.

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“X” bin custom wine racks

Wine cellar refrigeration units should not be seen

Premier Wine Storage Specialist in Nevada – Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas

Custom wine cellars, whether residential or commercial, should only be constructed by an expert builder. Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas is one of the most trusted storage contractors in Nevada.

They have over a decade of experience in building dependable and durable wine cellars. Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas takes pride in unfailingly making all of their clients happy by providing high-quality services.

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