Properly Laid Out Flooring Increases the Aesthetic Value of Your Wine Cellar in Las Vegas

In conceptualizing the design of a wine cellar, most people play close attention to the style of the racks to install, the setup of the lighting systems, and the type of decors to put in place. The commonly under-valued element is the flooring. The kind of flooring laid out in a wine cellar can either increase or decrease the aesthetic value of the storage space. Moreover, it’s not enough to have beautiful floors in place. It is of utmost importance that the flooring you choose is properly installed. Expert builders, like our team at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, are well-equipped and thoroughly trained in laying out and installing all kinds of flooring materials. 

Flooring Preparation for Wine Cellars in Las Vegas 

A variety of elements are considered in building wine cellars, including the wall, ceiling frames and covering, vapor barriers, insulation, the door, and lighting setup. Wine cellar flooring and its proper installation are just as important as all these other aspects of the construction plan.  

The ideal wine cellar flooring should support the weight of all the contents of the storage room, such as the racks, the bottles, and the furniture. Furthermore, the floor should be built from a material that can withstand the highly humid conditions inside the wine cellar.  

Since a wine cellar is a climate-controlled storage room, the flooring installed should be prepared properly. If the floor is to be installed on top of the ground, the same vapor barriers and insulation applied to the walls and ceiling should be added to the flooring. The wine cellar must be wrapped tightly like a package. On the other hand, if the floor is to be installed on a cement slab resting on the ground, you can opt to have the vapor barrier applied to the cement only.  

Our construction experts highly recommend the product called Bostic’s MVP4, which is a Moisture Vapor Protection material applied with a trowel and left to dry. Once dried, the flooring is then added on top of this product. Bostic’s MVP4 is available at most local hardware shops.  

Recommended Flooring Materials for Wine Cellars in Las Vegas 

There is a wide variety of flooring materials for wine cellars in Las Vegas. The type of floor that you should pick must match the overall style of your wine cellar. Also, the flooring you choose must be durable and be able to withstand the humid environment in your cellar. We strongly discourage the use of carpet or carpet-like materials because they promote the growth of mold and mildew when placed in climate-controlled storage rooms. Plus, wine spills are difficult to remove from carpets and carpet-like materials.  

The following are wine cellar flooring materials in Las Vegas that we highly recommend: 

Wine Cellar Floors Made from Stone 

Stone is the top flooring choice for traditional or contemporary design wine cellars. You can choose to have the stone form a pattern or install them in a random design. A few of the sub-choices for stone wine cellar flooring include brick, marble, and stone.  

Mosaic Flooring for Wine Cellars in Las Vegas

For a more sophisticated design, mosaic flooring is a good option. This type of flooring is created using broken and fitted materials, such as fine china, porcelain tiles, or stained glass. The mosaic, formed using one or a combination of these materials, is grouted on a mason board and sealed with a protective glaze. 

Contemporary Wine Cellar Floors Using Tiles 

Tiles are among the most durable cellar flooring options. This type of flooring is scratch-resistant and are easy to clean. Tiles on the market vary in size. They are commonly offered in 12×12 and 6×6 sizes. They also come in an assortment of designs.  

Sustainable Cork Floors for Wine Rooms 

Cork floors are among the most environmentally friendly materials for wine cellar flooring. They are made from the barks harvested from cork trees. Since these barks grow back, there is no need to cut a cut a cork tree down to create these products. Cork has natural insect repellent properties and is very durable. Wine cellar cork flooring is offered in tongue and groove pieces, which are joined together and held in place using a molding.  

Reclaimed Oak Barrel Wood Flooring 

Traditionally, wineries store their wines in oak barrels. After the wines are transferred to bottles and distributed, these winemakers do not throw away the wooden barrels. Instead, they are reused for different purposes. The most popular use for reclaimed wine barrels in Las Vegas is to make them into planks for cellar flooring 

Since a wine barrel is made of three distinct parts, cellar owners can choose to have their floors made from either one or a combination of these three parts. The three parts are cooperage, stave, and infusion.  

1. Cooperage 

This part refers to the top and bottom of the oak barrels. Wineries put stamps and marking on the cooperage, so that they can identify the contents of the barrels. The stamps and marking on the wood add an interesting design to the wine cellar flooring.  

2. Stave  

This refers to the sides of the barrel. The metal hoops used to hold the barrel together leave indentations on the wood. These indentations add a distinctive character to the wine cellar floor. Stave flooring is an ideal option for those who want that unique style for their wine cellar 

3. Infusion 

This is the wood from inside of the wine barrels. It is naturally stained by the wines stored in them. The wine color stain on the wooden planks adds drama to the cellar flooring. Moreover, the wines that used to be stored in the barrels leave a sweet aroma on the wood. This aroma helps create that vineyard-like ambiance in your wine cellar.  

Contemporary Cellar in Las Vegas with Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring 

We’ve had a recent client in Las Vegas that wanted to create a cellar that had a fusion of traditional and modern design. The walls and door of her storage room were made from dual-pane glass, while the racks were made from durable wood. To complete the contemporary look of this cellar, we installed reclaimed oak wine barrels for the flooring. 

Wine Cellar Flooring Experts in Las Vegas 

As reputable builders of functional and aesthetically superior wine cellars, our team has mastered the art of preparing and installing all kinds of wine cellar flooring. We can help you choose the best materials for your wine cellar flooring, and help you lay it out properly in your storage room. Contact us today at +1 (702) 866-9544!