Commercial Hospitality Custom Wine Cellars

Beautiful Commercial Wine Cellars Created by Premier Installers in Las Vegas

Beautiful Commercial Wine Cellars Created by Professional Installers in Las Vegas

A magnificent presentation of your wines in your hotel, restaurant, retail store or any business establishment can help boost sales for your business. The unorthodox way of displaying your wines will attract more customers to your business. This is the reason why wine cellar experts in Las Vegas recommends building a commercial wine cellar in for your business. Not only will it add more class to your business, it will also help you organize and retrieve wines easily.

Build a Beautiful and Efficient Commercial Wine Cellar to Drive More Sales to Your Business

There are many ways to generate more sales to your wine business. You could use various marketing platforms and media like magazines, newspapers, radio, television and social media to advertise your business. Alternatively, you could give out samples, e.g. free wine samples or give discounts for multiple purchases. There’s truly a lot of stuff you could do to boost the presence of your business. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of them will work for your business.

Wine cellar professional designer and builder, Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, recommends putting up a commercial wine cellar in your business establishment. Orderly display of your wines will give aesthetic appeal to your site that will attract more people to your place of business.

Novel and Beautiful Wine Organization for Your Commercial Wine Cellar Will Entice Customers to Your Business

Amazing Commercial Wine Display Built by Las Vegas Wine Cellar Installers

A Beautiful Commercial Wine Display Built by Las Vegas Wine Cellar Installers Can Boost Your Business


People are innately curious by nature. Get their attention by placing something unconventional or contemporary in your place. A well-placed modern commercial wine room would perfectly fit this description.

Drive more sales to your businesss by showcasing your wines in a beautiful and intricate way. Our creative team will help design your custom wine racks that will absolutely thrill your target market. Our clients have noticed a very sharp increase in their sales just by building a commercial wine cellar in their establishment. Now it’s your turn to do the same and bolster your business.

Metal Wine Racks for a Sleek and Minimalist Commercial Wine Cellar Design

This contemporary commercial custom wine cellar in Las Vegas, Nevada displays the wines in metal wine racks.

This contemporary commercial custom wine cellar in Las Vegas, Nevada displays the wines in metal wine racks.

Traditional wooden wine racks are perfect if you want to have timeless and classice feel for your commercial wine cellar. There are various styles, design and setup you could use for your wooden wine cellar. It’s best that you work with professionals if you prefer wooden racks over modern wine cellar design.

But, it is becoming a trend that more and more business owners prefer to use modern and contemporary design in their commercial wine storage. Here at Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas, we use metal wine racks to achieve a modern and minimalist look for the commercial wine cellars of our clients.

VintageView is one of our trusted supplier of metal custom wine racks. They various styles and orientations with metal wine racks which can maximize wine bottle capacity regardless of the size of the wine cellar. Another distinguishing feature from VintageView is that their racks are designed to display wine bottles with their label forward. This would make organizing and retrieving much easier.

Aside from VintageView racks, the team also uses Ultra PEG Series and STACT wine racks for their other projects. These racks are both durable, stylish and can make the most of your wine cellar space.

You can also check out cable racking systems where the bottles are held by stainless steel cables. Cable wine racking is a very modern and classy way to display wines, especially when you set the cables in front of some beautiful wine cellar lighting!

Commercial Wine Cellars Enclosed in Glass Panels

Glass-Enclosed Glass Commercial Wine Cellar with VintageView Custom Wine Racks Built by Trusted Las Vegas Installers

Glass-Enclosed Commercial Wine Cellar with VintageView Custom Wine Racks Installed by Professional Las Vegas Builders Installers


If you really want to step up the bar in boosting your high-end hotel, restaurant or retail store, we highly advise that you build a glass-enclosed commercial wine room . It’s like a wall but you can see all the contents inside it. It will give your customers that premium feel while dining or drinking in your establishment.

This unconventional approach of of using glass panels to house wines will intrigue people and will entice them to check out your business. Couple that with your above standard products and services, it will only be a of matter that people will start spreading good word about your business. After all, word of mouth is a more effective marketing medium over radio, television and social media ads.

A Commercial Wine Cellar with Efficient Cooling System Will Preserve Your Wines

A well-built commercial wine cellar in Las Vegas will store and preserve your wines for a long time. Wine should be kept within optimum temperature and humidity levels. If temperature and humidity levels are not regulated, it could ruin the flavor and aroma of your wines. Wines should also be fixed in place since vibrations could disturb the delicate aging process of wines.

Our team always makes sure that every wine cellar we build, it will be optimized to efficiently store wine for long periods of time. If you’ll work with us to build your commercial wine cellar, we will make sure that your wines won’t be ruined while it is being kept in your commercial wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars Las Vegas Only Use the Best Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian Wine Refrigeration System Used in a Commercial Wine Cellar Project in Miami

Wine Guardian Wine Refrigeration System Used in a Commercial Wine Cellar Project in Miami

You should consider the total area of the intended location of your wine cellar, along with the number of bottles you plan to store, before deciding to build your commercial wine cellar. This is the reason why you should hire an experienced and knowledgable team to build your wine room.

We have partnered with premier wine cellar cooling unit brands namely: Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems and CellarPro to install top of the line cooling systems for our clients in Las Vegas. These are reputable companies that have provided the best wine cellar cooling systems to wine aficionados and business owners alike.

Ideally, temperature in the wine cellar should be 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. While the humidity should be from 60 to 70 percent. Going beyond or below this range could potential ruin your wines. Fortunately, we will do all these computations and modifications to sustainably maintain the optimum temperature and humidity range for your wine cellar.

Highly Diverse, Large Capacity Commercial Wine Storage

Displaying various wines on your wine racks gives your customers options that would suit their taste. This in turn, increases your chances in landing a sale.

It is advisable that you install a high capacity wine racking system so that you can showcase all wines in your inventory. Double-deep wine racking maximizes the amount of wine bottles you can store regardless of the total area of your wine cellar.

High-Density Commercial Custom Wine Storage for a Business in Las Vegas

HighCapacity Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Racks in Las Vegas

Build with the Best Commercial Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Las Vegas


It’s your turn to build a commercial wine cellar and watch your sales shoot up. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can build your commercial wine cellar.

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