Wine Refrigeration Unit Repair: Freon Leak Fixed by California Wine Cellar Experts

M&M Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar cooling specialist in Nevada, has a team of trained HVAC professionals that can provide excellent installation, maintenance, and repair services for all kinds of wine storage cooling equipment.

M&M Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar cooling specialist in Nevada, has a team of trained HVAC professionals that can provide excellent installation, maintenance, and repair services for all kinds of wine storage cooling equipment.

A client from Irvine, Nevada called M&M Cellar Systems because they needed help with wine cellar refrigeration unit repair . If the leak were left unrepaired, the cooling system would gradually stop functioning, and the wines stored in the cellar would spoil. The team of HVAC experts from M&M Cellar went to fix the problem. They sealed the leak and replaced the lost Freon. This repair project is a good example of why it is important to trust a licensed HVAC professional when it comes to cellar cooling equipment. Failing to properly repair a leak like this can lead to very expensive problems.

HVAC Technicians Needed in Irvine, Orange County for a Wine Refrigeration Unit Repair Service 

The homeowners in Irvine recently noticed that their wine cellar cooling system was leaking. They called M&M Cellar Systems to ask for help regarding the problem. A team of HVAC experts was sent to inspect the problem, and they found that the cooling unit was leaking refrigerant.

Identifying the Freon Leak Location to Seal it: a Crucial Step in Wine Refrigeration Unit Repair

The M&M Cellar team of technicians had to repair the refrigeration unit promptly; otherwise, the unit would gradually stop functioning. But before the repair could commence, they needed to locate the leak’s exact location. To find the problem, the team used the Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method.

The cooling system specialists injected a UV detectable dye into the refrigeration system. They allowed the dye to circulate through the cooling unit thoroughly for about a month and determined where the dye exited in order to locate the leak.

The Freon leak was found inside the wine storage refrigeration unit. To start the wine refrigeration unit repair, the team had to disassemble the unit. Once they gained access to the hole, they applied a stop leak to seal the problem.

Replacing the Lost Refrigerant of the Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit 

There are two common methods of repairing problems such as a Freon leak. The first process commonly used is to replace the evaporator coil, which can be costly. The second, which is less expensive, is draining out the Freon, repairing the leak, and reusing the Freon after the leak has been sealed.

In the Irvine cooling unit repair project, the HVAC professionals decided to remove the Freon from the cooling system and seal the leak. The team made sure that the refrigerant was kept clean and away from contaminants so that they could reuse it. To fix the hole, the technicians used a whole can of stop leak. When the problem was completely sealed, they added back the recovered Freon into the cooling system.

Through the processes of recovering and reusing the Freon, the team of HVAC technicians made sure that none of the refrigerants was released into the air. Freon is harmful to the environment because it can damage the earth’s atmosphere.

After completing the repair, the team of HVAC specialists had to come back after a month to reevaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. The problem was completely solved by the team because no Freon was leaking anymore. Consequently, the client was very satisfied with M&M Cellar System’s repair service.

Watch the full video of this Irvine repair project:

Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles – Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Four

A Licensed HVAC Professional Should be Hired for Your Wine Refrigeration Unit Repair 

The common problems with refrigeration systems that cellar owners complain about are those that can be avoided if you hire an HVAC expert from the beginning. You should entrust the installation of your wine storage cooling unit to a licensed HVAC professional. The maintenance and repair should also be performed by the same trusted technicians.

There are home cellar owners that hire air conditioning technicians to install their storage cooling system instead of a wine cellar climate control expert. Most of the time, they regret this decision. Although an air conditioning technician may sometimes be able to install a piece of wine cellar cooling equipment correctly, they generally are incapable of providing the proper maintenance and troubleshooting services for these types of refrigeration systems. Air conditioning technicians are not familiar with the components of wine storage cooling equipment, and they are not trained in handling these systems.

Keep in mind that proper wine storage is more than just cooling. An effective wine storage structure needs to have humidity control as well. Only an expert wine cellar HVAC technician can understand the complexity of wine storage needs and can provide the solutions to meet these needs.

There are many cases where an air conditioning mechanic tries to repair a wine cellar cooling unit, and more problems usually arise. Clients end up spending more money to repair the damages incurred. Avoid unnecessary problems with your wine storage refrigeration unit by entrusting its installation, maintenance, and repair only to a licensed HVAC technician.

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Hire a Licensed HVAC Professional in Nevada Who Has Extensive Knowledge in Wine Refrigeration Unit Repair 

We Offer Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Repair and HVAC Services

We Offer Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Repair and HVAC Services

You can be certain that your wines are properly aging when you know your storage room is correctly built and has a cooling unit that is functioning optimally. A quality wine cellar and a robust refrigeration unit are two of the most essential elements of an effective wine storage system.

You can maximize your wine experience when you know your collection is constantly kept in the ideal temperature and humidity. Keep your wine storage cooling unit in its prime condition by subscribing to a regular maintenance plan. Hire a reliable HVAC technician today who is knowledgeable in wine refrigeration unit repair. Contact one by clicking here!